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Max for Live, potentially offers endless new MIDI and Audio Effects, Instruments and Video Devices .

Ableton Music Download

Since Ableton Live 9. Max for Live is bundled with the Suite version of Live.

If you are not already using Max for Live you should first check out the Max for Live Essentials Pack which includes very useful tools for your production including a the brand new Convolution Reverb.

Surround Panner is a free Max for Live device that makes mixing for performances, installations and theaters using multi-channel speaker setups possible in Live. Simply load the device into a track in your Live set and use the XY control to place it anywhere in the surround field. Eight presets allow you to choose between four-, six- and eight-channel setups. ABLETON LIVE: GUITAR FX BOX. Since friday night, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about the live setup that I posted a picture of. So today I figured I’d briefly talk through it and give you a sense of how I’m using Live when I’m playing guitar. Essentially, the setup is based.

Max is a visual programming language designed for media artists. You can start building your own devices and edit other’s

Ableton live download free windows

The Auto Pan Effect.:) The Auto Pan Effect.:) so everyone knows what the auto pan does. Most of you know that the auto pan can be converted to an auto gate with a few simple knob tweaks. What i think would be totally amazing as an extra feature of the auto pan, is if it had 2 little tiny boxes where you could specify maximum transposition of.

Shortly after Max for Live was introduces started. There you can find hundreds of free and paid M4L devices and library is growing everyday!

I always love finding new Max for Live devices and I’ll start posting the ones that stand out which I find myself using more regularly.


I’ve been using Palmas for a while now. It makes a very realistic clap sounds. It’s really simple and just works. It allows you do decide how many people are clapping and even automate it.

So you can go from one person clapping to a big group of 32 people clapping.

You can even change how accurately timed the claps are. You can change the pitch and even the sound across the stereo field.

If you’re looking for more live sounding organic claps, Look no further.

Download Palmas (Free)

Auto Pan Ableton Download

Palmas is part of a pack of devices created by Beyond-Digital. The included instruments are more focused on ethnic scales called Maqams. All the devices share a very unique and beautiful design.

J74 Harmotools

I’ve always envied Logic‘s built-in chord detector you can find in the global transport bar. Finally you can have one just like that with Max for Live.

J74 Harmotools are a collection of Max MIDI effects to help you with your compositions. Inside the pack you can find the HarmoChord J74. Simply load it into a MIDI track and start playing, it will tell you which chord you playing or which chord is being played from the MIDI clip.

Download J74 Harmotools (Free)

Stereo Imager

You can achieve stereo widening effect in various ways in Ableton Live (Utility, Frequency Shifter, Filter Delay etc.) but this Stereo Imager from Calvin Lanz just works straight out of the box. Drop it on any track and you’ll instantly hear the sounds completely spread across the stereo field. Really great on Pads, Noise, Textures, Arpeggios and Backing Vocals.

Download Stereo Imager (Free)

Track Stereo Pan Enabler

Ableton’s lack of a true stereo panning is hardly talked about. In Live the Pan knobs only function as a Stereo Balance. Meaning that they only turn down one side as much as you turn the Pan knob.

To get true stereo panning you can use Faint Response – Track Stereo Pan Enabler a free Max Audio Effect from Marc Sprecher.

Place the device on any Audio track and instantly it will take over that Track’s panning. Now using the regular Pan knob you used all along you can achieve true stereo panning that will more naturally change the perceived sonic angel of the sound and not just turn down the left or the right channel. Valuable on the stereo sounds of your tune. It might even solve you some mixing problems.

/how-to-install-free-networks-channels/. Download Track Stereo Pan Enabler (Free)

For more details on the panning limitation in Live check out the very informative video from Urple Eeple.


Might be the most simple yet useful Max for Live device out there. Created by Certified Trainer Yehezkel Raz out of Israel.

This Device has only one knob. You map this knob to one of the knobs/faders on your MIDI controller. Then every parameter in Live that you click with your mouse will be controller by that one knob/fader on your MIDI controller! So you can basically use one knob to control any parameter in Ableton Live!

You can get a lot more free and useful Max for Live devices like this on Yehezkel’s blog

Max Devices Installation

Drag the downloaded file to:

Max Instruments: User Library -> Presets -> Instruments -> Max Instruments

Max MIDI Effects: User Library -> Presets -> MIDI Effects -> Max MIDI Effects

Auto Pan Ableton Download Full

Max Audio Effects: User Library -> Presets -> Audio Effects -> Max Audio Effects

Do you know of any must have Max for Live devices? Let me know, Would love to check them out.

Total Run Time: 3hr 09min 54sec

In this modular approach to the tutorial, the boys came into the studio armed with their freshest sounds and current racks to produce a track in their darker progressive aesthetic. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in such a short time with the right sounds. All of which you get your hands on in this pack. They demonstrate how they arrange their track, build their lead stack layer by layer, adjust each plugin with detailed explanation… and of course mixing and mastering.

Some highlights from /

Auto Pan Ableton Download Windows

  • Seeing DubVision's approach to mixing as they discuss making room for key elements in the mix by taking out sounds and frequencies, before adding and boosting
  • DubVision’s go to EQing techniques on the SSL G Channel and Fab Filter Pro-Q
  • Adding ear candy sounds to the drop and using Waves H-Delay to wash it into the background of the mix
  • Sub bass mixing and layering with top bass
  • Manipulating pitch on an 808 to create a big transition into the breakdown
  • Reverb automation in the second build to add space and deliver a perfect contrast between the build and the drop
  • Demonstration of how to take your melodic arrangement to the next level on the last drop in classic DubVision style
  • Drum group compression to glue everything together and get it sounding, in Victor’s words, “like one sound”
  • Mastering