Bollywood Maharaja Vst Plugin Free Download

  1. Bollywood Maharaja 1.2 VSTi, AU WIN.OSX X64 - Free VST Plugins

Audio Damage – Plugins VST, AAX, AUi WIN.OSX.LINUX x64; Native Instruments – Guitar Rig 6 Pro 6.0.3 STANDALONE, VST, AAX x64; 5Pin Media – Jackin Techno Tools (MIDI, WAV) Celemony – Melodyne Studio 5; Splice Sounds – Dilip Sample Pack (WAV) Babelson Audio – Plugins Bundle 2020.12 VST3, AAX x64; UGRITONE – 1989Verb VST, VST3, AAX.

Everyone today has the same drum libraries that come from other libraries and rhythm cars. We wanted to do something special, but we wanted it to sound modern and new for composers and producers Hiphop, Trap, EDM and bring an additional flavor to their music.

Bollywood Maharaja Vst Plugin Free Download

Get Fresh Drumkits – 1200 percussion one-shots organized in 100 sets (2.5 GB) in the plug-in, and also contain 1200 WAV files for downloading to your equipment and other software samples.

We went to India and recorded some amazing Indian percussion sounds with some of Bollywood’s best musicians – all of these sounds were processed using external equalizers and compressors to make them sound even more sonorous in the context of modern music.

This is a genre that defines a library in itself! The plugin is well designed to fit your workflow with 100 sets of perfectly engineered sounds that blend well with each other and are suitable for Trap, Hiphop, OVO, EDM and even your own new genre.

Bollywood Maharaja 1.2 VSTi, AU WIN.OSX X64 - Free VST Plugins

Whether you are a beatmaker or film composer looking for new sounds, this plugin library will amaze you!

• Drum plug-in with 12 Pads
• Contains 1200 drum samples, Over 2.5 GB of sounds
• Bonus MIDI and Audio Loops included
• Kicks, snares, hats, cymbals and Indian percussion
• Indian Percussion: Dhol, Dholak, Tabla, Chang, Thad , Kanjeeri, Ghungroo, Naal, Mridangam, Chanda & others
• 100 kits of Bollywood, Bhangra, TRAP, EDM, HipHop, Organic
• Built in reverb, release, attack & pitch controls
• 1200 one shot was files also included
• New Multioutput Plugin Versions also included
• 1200 one shot wav files also included in this pack for loading into hardware and other software samplers