Can Free Web Server Be Installed On A Windows Tablet

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  3. Can Free Web Server Be Installed On A Windows Tablet
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It was only a matter of time: You can now run conventional x86 Desktop apps on your ARM-based Windows RT tablet, such as the Surface RT or Asus VivoTab RT. x86 games such as Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (video below) and small utilities such as WinRAR are confirmed to work on Windows RT, with the developer promising to support uTorrent and some other games in the future.

Not sure if anyone has asked this question, can windows 10 be installed on an adroid tablet like an asus? No, Windows does not support the Android platform. The new Universal Apps for Windows 10 does support porting to the Android and iOS platform. In other words a developer of Android / iOS Apps could port their apps to work on Windows 10. FreeBSD is free to use and can be installed from a CD-ROM or over a network using FTP or NFS. The latest version of FreeBSD is 12.0 and was released in December 2018.

Nothing is safe and can’t be safe. Sometimes you keep those software around you really like, but hey they don’t get upgraded. The fact that you can install a light weight OS is just fun to do. Not every bell and whistle is worth chasing. I even had the curious experience that even with install DVD’s Windows refused the re-install. WinToHDD is a free All-in-One Windows deployment tool which can help you install, reinstall or clone Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008 without having a CD/DVD/USB drive. The system clone feature of WinToHDD can help you migrate operating systems to another SSD/HDD.

Can Free Web Server Be Installed On A Windows Tablet Free

The tool, which seems to be called Win86Emu, is essentially an x86 emulator or software abstraction layer for Windows RT. If you’ve used DOSBox, or some kind of game console emulator, Win86Emu is very similar: You run Win86Emu, select which x86 app you want to execute, and then — if everything goes to plan — your x86 app will appear. In essence, Win86Emu grabs the API calls made by the x86 app, converts them into the Windows RT equivalent, and then passes them along to the WinRT kernel. (See: Under the hood of Windows 8/RT.) As far as the x86 app is concerned, it’s running on a normal x86 Windows machine.

As with any emulator, though, there are caveats. As long as your x86 app uses the emulator’s supported APIs, you’re fine — but at the moment, Win86Emu only supports a limited subsection of API calls, and some translations from x86 to the WinRT kernel aren’t perfect. As a result, HoMM3 works under the emulator, but it doesn’t have any music. Emulation is a lot slower than native execution, too — and coupled with ARM’s wimpiness compared to the latest x86 silicon, don’t expect your Windows RT tablet to run Crysis.

Can Free Web Server Be Installed On A Windows Tablet Without

This hack follows on from last month’s jailbreak of Windows RT, which gives you the ability to run non-Microsoft apps on the Desktop. The original jailbreak has since been turned into an easy-to-use tool that executes every time you log in — and indeed, you need to run the jailbreak before you can use Win86Emu. If you own a Windows RT tablet, XDA-Developers has a nice list of Desktop apps that you can run on jailbroken devices.

When Microsoft told the world that it was splitting Windows 8 into x86 and ARM versions, we made the bold announcement that Intel’s upcoming Atom processors would kill off Windows RT. You see, the only advantage that ARM SoCs currently have over x86 is reduced power consumption — but in the next year or so, Intel will catch up. Coupled with the fact that Microsoft made the crazy decision to lock down Windows RT’s Desktop, and that Windows RT lacks the native ability to run x86 apps (Microsoft could’ve easily included its own emulator), and it’s really rather hard to imagine Windows on ARM beating Windows on x86.

Now that a couple of hackers have jailbroken Windows RT and created an x86 emulator, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft reacts. Microsoft’s claimed reason for locking down Windows RT is stability and reliability — Windows RT is consumer-oriented, and it doesn’t want ma and pa to install jury-rigged x86 apps that will cause their system to crash. Instead of a complete lockdown, though, Microsoft could’ve just buried the switches deep within the Control Panel, so that power users at least have the option of running x86 and Desktop apps on their Windows RT tablet. Who knows: Maybe the locked-down Desktop and lack of x86 emulation is actually the result of an internal, political struggle at Wintel’s hegemonic HQ.

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IIS (internet information services manager) on Windows 10/7 Desktop or server is basically a flexible and secure Web server provided by Microsoft on its desktop and server operating systems. Just like Apache and Nginx in Linux Distros on WIndows we have IIS.


Install and configure the webserver (IIS) in Windows 10

Microsoft didn’t integrate only the desktop version of Windows with IIS- Internet Information Services instead with this even Windows 10 Home can be turned in to a web server with the help of this feature.

However, as compared free and open-source server such as Apache, the configuration and the dealing with IIS web server could be a little complex, yet if you are a Windows Desktop or server user, the usage of IIS would be best because of better integration into the system.

Can Free Web Server Be Installed On A Windows Tablet

The IIS, which also contain an FTP server, is not intended on the client to provide company websites or heavily used web applications. The Windows 10 desktop IIS is mainly for developing or for the demonstration of web applications.

So, if you want to set up and run some application on Windows 10 PC using IIS, for example, WordPress, then here is the step by step guide to install and configure this web server.

Step 1: Enable Internet Information Services -IIS on Windows 10


So, to install the Windows 10 web server feature, we don’t have to download some special packages, it is already in our system and just we need to activate.

Go to Control panel-> Select Program-> Turn Windows features on and off.

Turn Windows features on or off

Now, scroll down and select “Internet Information Services” and press OK button to get it installed. Later restart the PC to make changes into effect.

The installation of it is very easy, by default when we select the IIS management console the Web Management Tools and Word Wide services along with HTTP features, performance features, security, system status and diagnostics are automatically going to be install. If you want FTP server as well then click on the + icon given in front of Internet information services and select FTP server option too.

Enable Internet Information Services -IIS on Windows 10

Step 2: Start Internet information service (IIS) Manager

Go to Windows 10 Search box and simply type IIS and you will get installed webserver Manager application, click on it to start.

Finally, you will see the IIS manager with so many options to operate and handle different Web server application tasks.

Start Internet information service (IIS) Manager

Step 3: Test IIS Webserver

After the installation of IIS, Windows will automatically start the webserver services on default port number 80. Thus, to check whether it is functioning properly or not, open your system browser and type http://localhost to see.

By default, the IIS shows the local HTML page to show everything is working fine. In case not then check whether the HTTP server (localhost) is listening on port 80. Run the following command in command prompt.

However, for newly installed IIS webserver such problem would not appear.

In case, your port 80 is already bound to some other application then you can change the default website or Http listening port on IIS.

Right-click on Default web site option given under the Sites and select Edit Bindings.

Change ISS Http 80 port number binding

Now Click on Edit button and change the port number to one which you want to use. You can also specify any particular IP-address you want to use that port number.

Can Free Web Server Be Installed On A Windows Tablet Using

Step 4: Configure and install WordPress with IIS Manager

Can Free Web Server Be Installed On A Windows Tablet Computer

So, to give you an idea of how to host an HTML website or web application like WordPress on IIS, we are going to configure it.

However, hosting a website on IIS, the steps will be the same for both WordPress or just a simple HTML one. Yet being a web application WordPress needs PHP support too.
Right-click on the default website and select Explore.

The root directory at %SystemDrive% inetpubwwwroot will open. Now simply extract all your WordPress file there. If it asks for permission give it.

Now, Select your newly created website and click on the restart option given in the right-side panel.

Add index.php to the Default Document.

Select Default website and double click on Default Document icon then Add link given on the right-side panel. Type index.php and save it.

Open the browser and point it to http://localhost, this time it will show the hosted website. However, in case of WordPress, it gives an error because we haven’t yet configured its Wp-config file.

Again right-click on the Default website ->Explore and then rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.

Now edit the wp-config.php file and change the following things given in red colour… In short, add the database details.

In case, it will say you don’t have permission to write a wp-config file, then simply right click on the Default website in IIS manager and select Edit Permissions.

Edit permission of the website

Go to Security Tab and select your Windows system user. Then Edit button-> Give all permissions to it and then press OKInternet download manager free download full version and install. button.

Now, type http://localhost/index.php and you would be able to access your WordPress installation.

In the same way, if you have hosted some HTML based website file for development in the root directory of Default website you will get to see that.

How to Disable IIS web server on Windows 10

In case you don’t require IIS Manager and want to disable it. Again open “Turn Windows feature On or OFF” and unselect the option “Internet Information Services“. This will remove the IIS web server from your Windows 10 or Windows 7 PC, laptop or server.

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