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Complete your dream kitchen with the perfect cooker. Whether you’re looking for a gas or an electric cooker, you’ll find the cooker you need to make a feast for the whole family on AO. We have a wide selection to fit any kitchen, from dual fuel models to larger range cookers – perfect for cooking up those hearty Sunday roasts. 66L conventional gas oven and separate grill in top cavity. Dimensions - (H)90cm x (W)50cm x (D)60cm. Includes 2 wire shelves and a grill pan. Only £278.97 or £13.39 a month 0% finance available. Install & Recycling Available.

The prices shown are really just a rough guide of what you may expect to pay to have a gas cooker installed. The actual price you may pay will depend on a number of factors, not least your location. That being said, the prices are representative of typical quotations so you should not expect to pay much more (or less) than the typical prices quoted below.

The average material cost to install a new gas cooker will depend on the model and quality of the gas cooker. Extra material cost may be incurred if extra piping or materials are required when fitting the cooker.

The average gas safe engineer will usually charge around £150 per day for their services. Fitting the gas cooker will usually take no longer than 1-2 hours, unless there are issues connecting the cooker and extra piping is required.

Gas Cooker Installation Prices

Class diagram uml tool for mac. Below are some estimated costs of hiring a gas safe engineer to install a gas cooker:

Job DescriptionAvg. CostDuration
Connect a free standing gas cooker - fit only £75-£1001-2 hours
Supply & fit a gas cooker£300-£6001-2 hours

Cost Breakdown

Individual costs of supplying & fitting a gas cooker - Total Cost: £400



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What the job entails

Gas cookers offer many advantages over electric hobs, but when having a gas cooker installed there are specific regulations to ensure safe and correct use and maintenance, which must be followed by law. Gas cookers must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer who is competent and qualified. If you are not Gas Safe registered and fit a gas cooker, this is illegal. So when buying a new gas cooker, you should take into account the cost of installing. Though some appliance retailers will offer you an installation service when you buy the cooker, this is often not very competitive, so we have collated typical prices for you so that you are in a better position to make a decision an get a better deal.

You will need a gas safe engineer and competent person registered electrician to connect up most modern cookers, so it may be worth considering having any other jobs or routine maintenance done while they are on-site for a small discount, such as annual gas safety checks, radiator flushing etc.

DIY and gas installations do not mix, we get hundreds of questions about DIY gas installation and although there is no law to specifically say you cannot do a gas installation yourself, you do have to be competent under the law. Competent, means you are able to check your installation and have a complete understanding of how to check any fitting and/or appliance for leaks that can potentially cause explosions and dangerous carbon monoxide emissions. This definition of the word 'competent' will automatically disqualify almost every DIY enthusiast from any form of gas fitting. In addition, without a gas safe engineers safety certificate, it is almost certain your home insurance would not pay out in the event of anything going wrong, plus you could potentially be held criminally liable for any injury or losses caused. According to the Gas Safe Register site, the only gas work you are allowed to carry out is that which is stated in the user instructions for the appliance. The regulations state that you should not carry out any work that disturbs a gas carrying or supply component, for example a gas supply pipe.


Remember that you require by law, a minimum of 610mm clearance above the grill on all free-standing gas cookers with a high level grill. You also need a minimum of 20mm either side of the appliance when fitted. If the appropriate space is not available, the gas cooker installer will not fit the cooker. Gas hobs require a minimum of 750mm from the hob to the cooker hood, plus any wall units either side of the hood must be at least 366mm above. The new regulations require that any appliance installed must now also contain a 'Flame Supervision Device', which is an integral part of the gas burner system and detects if the flame is extinguished and safely cuts off the gas supply. Most cookers come with flame supervision devices in any case, but it is worth checking.

When you purchase a gas cooker make sure you note all the manufacturers requirements and take into account the space required for installation. Gas safe engineers will not connect cookers or other appliances which do not comply with current regulations. Also, certain tradesmen may try to convince you that they can connect gas cookers even though they are not on the gas safe register, do not be fooled by these claims! Get up to 3 free Quotes from local registered gas safe installers using the 'Get Quotes' button.

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If the property is rented to a tenant, then yes this is a legal requirement to to ensure the cooker has been installed in accordance with the Gas Safe regulations. If you are the property owner, then it is not a legal requirement to have the certificate, but it makes sense to request one for your own records.
All registered gas professionals carry a photo ID Gas Safe card which on the back has a list of appliances which the installer is qualified to out work on. You can also check by visiting the Gas Safe Register website.
Maybe. Some gas appliances may have to be plugged into your electric mains as they use electricity for the ignition system. You may also need the electricity if your appliance comes with a light. But some gas cookers will not need to be connected to the mains electricity so are slightly cheaper to install.

Gas Cookers For Sale

The main advantage of gas cookers over electric cookers, is the instant heat they provide. Plus the heat on a gas cooker can be adjusted easily and they do not retain heat for as long once switched off. Electric cookers take a long time to heat up and cool down, so the heat adjustment is nowhere near as accurate - this why professional chefs much prefer gas! But even if you are not a professional chef, gas cookers are generally cheaper to run than the equivalent electric cooker.