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Free Internet cafe software & cyber cafe software. No trials, no ads. Loaded with features, including full point-of-sale, timing & bandwidth measurement. Easy-use in 208 countries. MyCyberCafe - professional management solution for Internet cafes. Controls the time usage of your computers and game consoles. Client software limits the customer activity the way you want it - hides desktop icons, the Windows button, the access to the system. Easily manages customer accounts, security, games and programs usage.

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The maintenance of internet cafes and gaming centres can be a difficult task if proper management solutions aren’t used. If you’re on the lookout for certain software which helps in easy management of internet cafes and similar services, then the Internet Cafe Software tool is the best one to choose. This article describes some of the best Internet Cafe Software tools which are used in most of the internet cafes, gaming centres and institutions worldwide.



MyCyberCafe serves as a professional management solution for internet cafes. Use this Internet Cafe Software to control time usage of computers and gaming gadgets, limit activity, manage customer accounts, control all printers and maintain reports. This software is currently used in more than 170 countries and supports various computer systems.

Internet Cafe Software

HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software is a free tool used for managing all activities in an internet café. This tool is free for lifetime and comes with firewall to protect your computer systems from threats. HandyCafe billing software is widely used in most of the gaming centres worldwide due to its user-friendly features.

Internet Cafe Software

CyberLeader Internet Cafe Software helps in easy management of all services where a number of computer systems are provided for temporary usage. Computer billing, printing, report management, price settings, password protected account management, multiple usage methods, and client PC security these are the main features of this Internet Cafe Software tool.

CCAutoSoft Internet Cafe

CCAutoSoft Internet Cafe software has all the necessary functions which help to run internet cafes and gaming centres in the best possible manner. Use CCAutoSoft Internet Café software to start and stop sessions, add prices, record customer details, manage all terminals and check for any faults in computer systems or devices.

Internet Cafe Software for Other Platforms

Check out the Internet Cafe Software list to find out the various tools that are widely used in recent times. Search for Internet Cafe software, free download to get access to the various software tools available in the market. Check the compatibility of the tool before downloading it from the website.

Internet Cafe Software for Windows – Internet Cafe Management Software

The iCafe manager is easy to use Internet Cafe Management Software tool which can help you manage your business in an effective manner. This Internet Cafe Software tool comes with an efficient accounting system, print managing facilities, security options, website blocking options, bandwidth monitor tool and a website tracking tool.

Internet Cafe Software for Mac – Friendly Internet Cafe Software

TrueCafé is a friendly Internet Cafe Software tool used in most of the internet cafes and gaming centres due to its excellent features and support for various devices. Wireless billing, ticket management, license key management, print monitoring, instant messenger, internet traffic log and web reports are some of its added advantages.

Most popular Internet Cafe Software – CyberCafePro

CyberCafePro is the most popular Internet Cafe Software tool used in more than 208 countries for managing internet Cafes and other commercial centres which use computer systems. This free tool is loaded with useful features such as employee details management, support and security facilities, gaming consoles customization settings, computer terminals monitoring, etc. You can also see Internet Booster Software

What is Internet Cafe Software?


Software For Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe Software is the best choice for managing all tasks that are to be performed if you want to run an internet café, a gaming centre, a computer lab or any other services involving the public use of computer systems. Manage records, check terminals for errors, fix prices, change settings for adding gaming consoles and keep an account of the time spent by a customer using this Internet Cafe Software tool. You can also see Internet Speed Test Software

Check internet traffic, manage license keys, customize security options, add website blocking feature, prevent harmful threats and provide customers the best browsing and gaming experience like never before.Internet Cafe Software open source tool can be installed on all the latest smartphones and devices. These tools come with all the power packed features which help in managing Internet Cafe with utmost ease. Choose from the above-mentioned software tools to run Internet Cafe in the best possible manner.

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Version2.22(Build 2299B6)
3 May 2014

Note: MyCafeCup provides a REALLYHIGH SECURITY for all client machines, so in case of emergency you mayhave to use an 'Emergency Code' to log-on the system.

  • Beforeinstalling please ClickHere to get the EMERGENCY CODE, we'llsend it to you immediately.
  • Ifyou can not read the 'Installation Guide' below (Your windows 9x/Mehaven't been updated from microsoft yet) Please update the windows helpcomponents by install this 'MicrosoftHelp Update'
zip formatted
  • Exe self-extract
  • Installer file :(Server, Client, Help Manual and plug-in)
    Size 9.39 MB

    System Minimum Requirements :

    My Cafe' Cup has been designed for operateunder the following minimum requirements :

    • Microsoft Windows© 7 Seven / XP / 2008 / 2003 / Vista / 2000 / NT
    • 32 bit or 64 bit
    • 64 MB HDD Space
    • Microsoft Windows© 7 Seven / XP / Vista / 2000 / NT / Me / 98 SE / 2008 / 2003
    • 32 bit or 64 bit
    • 10 MB HDD Space
    EvaluationandRegistration Note :
    This is not free software. Subject tothe terms below, you are hereby licensed to use this software forevaluation purposes without charge for a limit of 1000 users accountscreating. If you use this software after evaluation period, aregistration fee is required. When payment is received you will be senta register code of the latest version of My Cafe' Cup. The Software isdistributed 'as is'. There are nowarranties orobligations. The Author can only guarantee that the software willoccupy space on your hard disk when installed. In no event shall theAuthor be liable to any damage, incidental or consequential, or anyother, that occured due to use or misuse, or inability to use, of theSoftware.

    LimitationofEvaluation Version :

    • Maximumof 5 client machines.
    • Maximumof 1,000 user accounts.
    • Policiessetting are disabled.(Includedthe changing of defaultemergency code)
    • Unlimited-Onlineuser type isdisabled.

    InstallationNote :

    • Read the'Installation Guide Manual' ClickHere.
    • Install MyCafeCup ServerFirst (Onlyone machine inyour LAN), Do not forget to choose 'Server' in theinstallerwizard.
    • All ofdocuments will be installedtogether with MyCafeCup Server.
    • Foreasier testing, prepare atleast 2machines. (One for Serverand another for client).
    • Installand test the Serversoftwarefirst to ensure that it isworking properly before installing the Client software.
    • Check theIP Address of the server.Thisis located at the topright of the Cafe' Cup Server screen.
    • InstallCafe' Cup Client software.Startthe program and inputthe Server IP Address (see above).

    Un-InstallationNote :

    • Server :<ControlPanel>/<Add /Remove Program>
    • Client :Log on with 'EmergencyCode' thenchoose <Remove from auto startup and exit>thengo to <Control Panel>/<Add / Remove Program>

    Cyber Cafe Software Windows 10 Pro

    Cyber Cafe Software Windows 10

  • !: A really fast, secure and reliable Anti-Virus software we have evertested. [ FREE-WARE ]
  • Help Manual: This help manual will be installed with the MyCafeCup Server automatically.
  • Cyber Cafe Pro Software

    • * Microsoft Windows95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003 and 2008 are registered trademarksofMicrosoft Corporation.
    • ***Avast! is a registered trade mark of Alwil Software.