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One of if not the biggest PS4 exclusive of 2019 is Days Gone. Bikers, zombies, and action all make this one very interesting game. Like most other exclusives for the PlayStation 4, Days Gone is a very story-driven kind of experience. However, does it match what God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn offer?

Meet Decan

One of the things that I am surprised about in Days Gone is the story. What I am talking about here is how so many people are down on it! I actually thought the story along with the main character you play as, Decan St. John were both pretty awesome and had me very invested in what was going down.

Decan is a biker and he is a bit of a badass, but I would also say that he has a heart of gold and a softer side to him. There has been a plague that has taken over the world and it has affected people as well as wildlife. Basically, this plague has turned people into zombies. His story is very well told and there are some interesting flashbacks that explain who he is, why he is the way he is and why he is willing to do anything to help people who he is close to. His relationship with his buddy, Boozer, in particular, is awesome.

Have I Played This Before?

I will say that in terms of the gameplay, Days Gone is not really doing anything that I would say is radically new. However, it does what it does very well and I found it to be a very fun experience. The game is best described as a 3rd person action/adventure kind of game and it is a darn good one. As well as people who are infected, you have to watch out for other groups of people and of course infected animals. Install windows office 2016 free. There are a few stealth missions and having to do stuff like hiding dead bodies to avoid detection do keep you on your toes while you are playing and make the game more than just all-out action.

Hit The Road

A huge part of the marketing of the game was around the fact that you played as a biker. You can hit the open road with your bike and it is actually pretty cool. I really liked the way that the bike handled and it got me out of a pinch on more than one occasion. Being a biker is a huge part of Decan’s personality and you do find yourself getting attached to his bike which is kind of weird!

Moving On Up!

While the story is something I really enjoyed. Days Gone does have you progressing on a gameplay level as you play. You are easily looking at 40 or more hours to get through the game and there is a skill tree that you can use to get better equipped for this messed up world. The best one I found was the ability to “focus” which basically allows you to slow down time around you.


Days Gone Game Download For Ppsspp Windows 7

I had a great time with Days Gone and feel that it is one of the more underrated PlayStation 4 exclusive games. It is well worth playing through and I certainly think that it should make it on many top games of 2019 lists when the year comes to an end.



  • The bromance with his friend is awesome
  • The overall story is well written and interesting
  • The gameplay is a lot more fun than you would think
  • Riding on your bike is a lot of fun
  • You can get some cool skills to use

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  • The story is a bit of a slow burn
  • Not exactly original when it comes to the gameplay

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Overall rating: 8