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Dev C++ Flowchart Tutorial

On 1 Apr 2006 08:51:03 -0800, 'codepp' <xc*******> wrote in

Victor Bazarov wrote:
codepp wrote:
I need a way to create a flow chart for some code written in C.
I need if there are a normalized way to create it like UML.

If you need help with C, you should consider 'comp.lang.c' and not
'comp.lang.c++'. They are two different languages.
That said, there are probably tools that can create flow charts for
you. Have you tried looking on the Web?
Please remove capital As from my address when replying by mail

Thank for you reply.
Yes, I know that there are some tool on the web. but I need to create
the flow chart by hand. I need to learn what symbol should I use, and
how I use them. So what I need is a tutorial that show me how to create
the flow chart. I need it also for C++.

Jack Klein
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