Download Xposed Installer For Android 6.0

Are you a Xposed lover? Are you using Android Nougat 7.0+? Still waiting for Xposed for nougat? Want to install a systemless Xposed framework? If you are currently thinking about these questions which are asked above, then you are at the best place to get the solutions. Here we will give you the best installation guide for both Systemless Xposed framework and Non-systemless Xposed framework for Android Nougat 7.0 & 7.1+.

  1. Download Xposed Installer Android 6.0.1
  2. Xposed Installer Android
  3. Xposed Installer X86
  4. Download Xposed Installer For Android 6.0 Download
  5. Download Xposed Installer For Android 6.0 Emulator
  6. Download Xposed Installer For Android 6.0 Pc

Download Xposed Installer Android 6.0.1

We are providing the Unofficial build from the Purify OS team. These guys are from XDA forums. Still, Rovo89 (Original developer of Xposed Framework) working on an Official build but if you are that kind of person who is excited to try the things which are new as like me. So, follow the below steps to taste the Xposed Framework on your nougat device.

Table Of Contents

  • 1 What is Xposed Framework?
  • 2 Magisk System-less Xposed-framework on Android 7.0 & 7.1+
  • 3 Traditional Xposed-Framework on Nougat

Aug 09, 2016 Install Xposed Framework On Android 6.0 and 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Step 1: Firstly download the hardware info application from here – Download. After that now open the application which you have downloaded it from play store. Now click on the processor tab and you will see information like given below which will be having ARMv7, ARM64, or x86.

What is Xposed Framework?

Xposed Installer Android

Xposed Framework is the framework which allows you to customise the android device from the roots. It is available from the android 4.0+. So many modules are developing day by day for this framework. Prerequisite of the Xposed framework is a rooted device and Custom recovery Installed. Rooting allows you to run a various application which can modify the core part of the OS.

Xposed Installer is necessary to manage the modules. Even you can Uninstall framework through it. There are loads of tweaks you can do with this framework to your Android device. Module plays a vital role to mod or tweaks your device. It’s just a framework that will enhance by its modules. You can download the modules from its store by using the search option.

What is Systemless Xposed framework?

The systemless Xposed framework doesn’t touch the system partitions, but the traditional Xposed framework does. Initially, it was ported to the Magisk Stemless root by the XDA forum member topjhonwu (Original developer of Magisk).

By using the systemless root and Systemless Xposed, you can get OTA updates and Safetynet pass. That will help you to run the application which doesn’t want to run on the Rooted device. The official Xposed framework will disrupt the SafetyNet pass. In my recommendation stick to Systemless Xposed to get the advantages.

If you want to know more about safety net and Pass SafetyNet on most of the android devices Read Here>>

Install Xposed Installer APK

At first Install Xposed installer app on your device by DVD android. This is the latest version which is compactable to this unofficial version. Of course, it has a material design too.

  • Download the Xposed installer apk file from Here
  • Install the apk file as usual.
  • Open the app you will see the Xposed not installed message. Now, install the framework by below procedure.

Magisk System-less Xposed-framework on Android 7.0 & 7.1+

I Recommend you to install this build from the Xda developer named as Earny Tech than the normal one. As I said earlier, there is a chance of safety net pass. you can easily install this magisk module with the custom recovery or directly from the magisk manager app.

Xposed magisk module is available for the CPU architecture like an ARM, ARM64, and x86. You don’t need to check the what architecture you are having o your device. It will automatically detect the device architecture itself that is why it is named as universal systemless Xposed. Magisk v13.1+ is the minimum requirement to do its job.


  • Root with Magisk {Guide here}
  • Magisk Manager
  • Xposed Magisk Module Android 7.0 = SDK24 – Download
  • Xposed Magisk Module Android 7.1+ = SDK25 – Download
  • Uninstaller – Download

Note:- Download Uninstaller along with the Framework. It will be helpful when your device got bricked.

Steps to install Xposed framework Systemless-ly

  • Download the Systemless Xposed according to the Android version 7.0 or 7.1+ from above requirements section.
  • Switch off your device and boot into the recovery mode (TWRP)
  • Click on install button in the home of TWRP
  • Select the Zip file from the storage.
  • Install it by Swiping the button. The process will complete in few seconds.
  • Now, Click on reboot button. Open the Xposed Installer app; then you will see the Xposed Is active status.

Traditional Xposed-Framework on Nougat

This is a Non-Systemless Xposed framework. It will do some changes on the system partitions. So, you won’t get OTA Updates and failed the safety net check. If you are a magisk user and followed above all the steps, That’s enough. You don’t need to follow this procedure. I am just giving this one for reference only. If you are not a magisk user, then follow below steps.

Even this build available for the ARM, ARM64 and X86 device chipsets.


  • Rooted device
  • For Android 7.0 SDK24 – Download
  • For Android 7.1+ SDK25 – Download
  • Uninstaller – Download

Note:- Download the uninstaller zip according to the Device CPU architecture. When your device stuck in a boot loop then install the Xposed uninstaller zip file.

Steps to Install Xposed framework on android 7.0 & 7.1+

  • After downloading the Nougat Xposed-framework files from the requirements section.
  • Turn off your device and Try to turn into Custom Recovery Mode.
  • In the Home page, you will see the install button. Tap on it.
  • Now, choose the Zip file which is downloaded from the above.
  • Complete the process by swiping the button from left to right.
  • Now, wait for some time. Click on reboot button.
  • Your device will open normally. Open Xposed Installer app you can see the Xposed is the active message.

Final Words:

These are the two ways to install Xposed Framework on android device. The first one does not change the system partitions so, it is the best and reliable method. So, root with magisk Su and hide your root access in a better way.

Suggest our guide to your friends that will help us a lot. Thanks for reading our article. Have any doubts regarding this, comment below we will get in touch as fast as possible.

VirtualXposed APK: Have you ever considered using the Xposed Framework on an Android device without root? I do not accept it.

In this guide, we will share the VirtualXposed APK for unlocked Android devices. Is it worth sharing? Yes of course.


VirtualXposed allowed you to pass the Google SafetyNet measures. You don’t need root, bootloader, or a modified system image. It is based on a virtual and epic application to help install exposed modules in a virtual environment.

The main difficulty is that it works with modules that do not deal with system changes. We also call it Xposed Framework Limited for devices without root access.

The root is essential for managing elements in the system. Again. We did not find any alternative to the Xposed Framework. Thematic modules do not support this.

If you like customization, it is better not to use this application. Substratum works even on Oreo devices with root access, installing a simple plugin.

Therefore, we can use various themes without taking root. The root is used only when you want to root your device with the Xposed Framework. VirtualXposed will create a parallel or virtual space to run applications that do not modify the system applications or any modification to the system functionality, replacing or adding code.

It works in your environment and you can install new apps and run them on the Android ecosystem. But in Regular Xposed, you can change or modify the functionality of the device’s system or application by manipulating the Java code.


All necessary Android permissions must be enabled before VirtualXposed can run. The reason is that applications running on VirtualXposed require permissions.

In addition, there is a permission manager, “XprivacyLua” and VXP, with which you can adjust the permissions for a specific application through a toggle.


Xposed Installer X86

Well, you can download VirtualXposed below. Many changes have been made to VXA over time. Now with the latest versions, you can also install Google Play Services from Project MicroG. Plus, you also get a Yalp store after installing MicroG on your VXP.


  1. First, download the latest VirtualXposed APK from the above button link.
  2. Tap on the VXP APK that you just downloaded. Enable the Unknown Sources option in Settings> Allow from this source.
  3. Tap on the APK file again. Install it correctly.
  4. Open it and allow VirtualXposed permissions to run in the background to receive notifications from virtual applications.

Download Xposed Installer For Android 6.0 Download


  • XPrivacyLua: A simple privacy manager for older Android 6.0 devices.
  • Xinsta: Instagram Xposed module to add additional functions.
  • YouTube AdAway: Remove ads from the official YouTube Android app.
  • MinMinGuard: Eliminate ads in Android applications.
  • Micro X module: complete WeChat module; but compatible with VXP.
  • WeChat Assistant: WeChat Module, Open Source Project, Super code.
  • MDWechat: WeChat horizontal module, you can define WeChat as MD style.
  • Application variables: can be used to modify models such as King of Glory’s high frame rate; QQ space to change small queue and so on.
  • Volume Booster: NetEase cloud music module, very easy to use, discreet.
  • WeChat Learn English: Automatic translation of WeChat messages into English, which is very convenient.
  • Emergency assistant: response module.
  • Empathy Bag: Red packaging module, global compatibility.
  • Wechat Bridge Assistant: Wechat Bridge game help.
  • Step modifier: Module to change the steps of the movement.
  • Simulation Localization: Stable and easy to use virtual positioning module in VirtualXposed.
  • Fingerprint Payment: A fingerprint payment module for a mobile phone that does not support fingerprint payment, but the system itself has a fingerprint.
  • Optimized QQ 2.0 module: The QQ module can not only optimize QQ, but also prevent flashbacks and flash photography. VXP is not compatible with QX and its use is recommended.
  • WeChat Enhancement Plugin: WeChat Module, the most stable WeChat module in VXP; This is recommended when there are no special requirements.
  • QQ Combat Figure Artifact: Various expressions, combat figure artifact.
  • WeChat Figures Items: Item Figure, Mikrokredyt.
  • San Cleaning: When gadgets are advertised, it is recommended to use them.


Download Xposed Installer For Android 6.0 Emulator

  1. Open the VirtualXposed app in the app drawer.
  2. Now you are in the virtual Android launcher. You can view the Xposed Framework app by swiping your finger across the screen.
  3. Open the Xposed Framework menu and go to the Downloads section.
  4. Download and install the module.
  5. Open the menu and go to the Modules section. Activate the installed module.
  6. Long press the home screen to open VirtualXposed settings or just press the drawer button. Go to Reboot and consider rebooting to activate the module.


VirtualXposed is a great option for anyone who appreciates this who like more features without Root. With appearances, thanks to the developer of the Xposed Framework for this great app. All functions work in this mod. Therefore, you do not need to look back after making your selection.

If you have problems with this mod, comment below, we will help you asap.

Share this article with your friends and see you next time.

Download Xposed Installer For Android 6.0 Pc

Till Then Good-Bye and Happy Androiding 🙂