Express Scribe Pro Serial Key

Please follow these steps to move your purchased copy of Express Scribe to a new computer.

On your old computer:

  1. Find your registration codes and have them ready
  2. Make a backup of the following folders to a usb drive or cd
    • C:/ProgramData/NCH Software/Scribe*
    • C:/ProgramFiles/NCH Software/Scribe*

    *These are the default locations, if you chose a different location, please make a backup from your alternate location. The ProgramData folder contains your recordings. The ProgramFiles folder has the correct version installation file that will be used on your new computer.

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On your new computer

  1. Open the Scribe folder that you backed up that contains the install file - scribesetup_vx.xx.exe
  2. Double click on the install file
  3. Follow the steps in the installation window that opens
  4. Copy any files that you would like on your new machine from the old ProgramFiles/Scribe folder into the new ProgramFiles/Scribe folder
  5. In Express Scribe, select Register Express Scribe from the File menu
  6. Copy and paste your registration code into the text box
  7. Click Register

Mac users, please follow the same process, however, your Scribe folders will be in the Applications folder and your install file is ExpressScribe.dmg

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Express Scribe Pro Serial Keys

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Express Scribe Pro Serial Key

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