Foam Free Flower Installation

Feb 1, 2019 - Fine art floral design and event styling in San Diego, CA. Feb 1, 2019 - Fine art floral design and event styling in San Diego, CA. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore. Foam free floral design studio located in Montclair, NJ offering artistic flowers for weddings, events, subscription, delivery, & commercial installations. Each arrangement is designed with finest seasonal materials. Whenever possible, we source flowers, foliage & fruits from local, organic.

Floral installations have become a big trend in weddings over the past few years. By “floral installations”, we mean large statement pieces that require some special rigging and extra time to set-up on-site. To be honest, we are not huge fans of massive floral installations here at Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. Typically, large-scale floral installations require a lot of floral foam and an excessive amount of flowers that frankly isn’t very earth-friendly, going against one of our core missions as a sustainable flower farm and design studio. Also, floral installations are very hard on a wedding budget. They cost a lot to create, and we generally think there’s better ways to spend your floral bucks.

But, that all being said, there are three styles of floral installations that we do rather love creating. These three floral installation options aren’t over-the-top and, therefore, not as hard on your wedding budget. They also can all be designed without floral foam, the arch-nemesis of sustainable floral design. And while they’re not overly large in scale, they are big in impact and worth every penny when you want to have a little drama in your wedding decor but don’t want to spend a fortune.


Floral Installations We Love

Free-Standing Asymmetrical Pillars

Taking a modern twist on the more traditional ceremony arch for an updated look, free-standing asymmetrical pillars are a floral installation we can get in front of or between — they’re great for framing the couple as they say “I Do” and then later doing double duty as a backdrop for the sweetheart table or as a photo booth frame. These pillars were perfect recently in the airy space at the Kimmel Center for Tess and Matt’s October wedding.

Florals Scrambling Up Tree Trunks Or Tent Poles

Want to add whimsy to a garden wedding? Floral installations that create a enchanting focal of flowers scrambling up a tree trunk or tent poles are just the thing. We absolutely LOVE this look and have had fun creating it a few times at various venues. Our favorite was this autumn waterfall of orange and red dahlias spilling off a massive old oak tree in the garden at Powell House in Philadelphia. You should totally check out more photos from this stunning wedding in this past blog post!

Lush {But Not Massive} Hanging Hoops

Hanging floral installations have been en vogue for several seasons now. Sometimes they are massive and cover entire ceilings and take days and many designers to install. This scale obviously comes with a price tag, both in terms of your budget and in terms of how sustainable a concept it can truly be. But we definitely recognize how hanging floral installations can help create a more natural and intimate atmosphere for a wedding reception taking place in a large space that needs a little “dressing up”. Lush but smaller hoops can be just as effective as massive pieces. One concept we came up with that’s a bit easier on the budget are small botanical hoops that encircle the tall support poles of large tents. These smaller hoops are easier to install and do not require as much material, making them easier on the budget. And yet they still have a bit impact, warming up the space and visually lowering the ceiling. So that’s a win-win in our book! Instal mircrosoft office free for students.

A single lush 36″ hoop suspended over the head table can also elevate an event without elevating the budget to a level of discomfort.

What floral installations are you seeing that you like right now? If you’re getting married and planning your wedding, do you feel a lot of pressure to have some floral installations? If you’re a designer, what challenges do you find with most floral installations? Is this a trend you like?

Foam Free Floral Installation

Why does it matter to be foam-free?

Flower foam is actually very toxic to inhale as it is made from formaldehyde, causing what is loosely known as “florist cancer” (I am not kidding, look it up and do your research!) So it is a topic that a lot of florists are turning to not only save their health, but the environment as well. And if you even work with new types of foam that are “biodegradable” it is still a big question of how long it takes to break down in waste treatment plants and what it is emitting in the process. I use it as little as I possibly can, and have definitely decreased the usage the past year since starting back up in wedding design. So for this shoot, I decided to try a new technique for a ceremony installation using a cross lattice base and then plugging in flowers using “Eco Wraps” (Read more about it here: This was a very fun piece to make and very successful. Here was the design process

Installation Foam Board

  1. I cut the lattice into the desired shape, then painted gray to match the facade.
  2. Covered the lattice in greenery (I just zip-tied large branches the day-of). You will notice in the picture below where the photo has a couple of places where the lattice is peaking out.
  3. After lattice was covered, I prepared my flowers in the eco fresh wraps as well as water tubes. Then I just plugged everything into the lattice! Definitely have to do all the designing on-site, but at least you can prep the lattice with greenery and prep your flowers in the wraps ahead of time!

Foam Free Floral Installation

I think this should turned out great, and it was so fun to use such a feminine color scheme! Here are the amazing vendors involved in this shoot:

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