Free Games Without Downloading Installing

Today in this article i will show you how to Download and install cracked PC games easily without any errors, Many users can't afford expensive games, so they download the pirated or cracked version of PC games. This process looks simple but it isn't, when you will try to download a game you will encounter many fake websites, in which you just keep clicking on download button and another download button comes with adds and it redirect user to another website with more adds and bloatware, you will never be able to download the game.

  1. Free Games Without Installing
  2. Free Games Do Not Download
  3. Play Free Games Online No Download

Free Games Without Installing

There are some genuine websites with actual cracked games but the downloading and installing process is not a piece of cake for everyone. Today we will learn, how to download and install cracked games from a famous and awesome website called as Fitgirl.

Link is

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Step by step Guide to download Cracked Games easily from Fitgirl :-

  1. First Select the game which you want to download, you can search it from the search bar( Note :- Type the correct and specific name of the game for successful search).
  2. Download the uTorrent Application( is available for Windows as well as Mobile).
  3. Now scroll down to the bottom where downloading links are provided, this is the most important step for downloading. Here you will see many links ( torrent, Google drive, File Hosting websites) but for the hassle free and one click download click on Magnet Link only.
  4. By clicking on Magnet Link, you will directed to the uTorrent application and Boom your downloading will start. ( Note:- install the uTorrent application before downloading the game.)
  5. You will get decent downloading speeds depending upon your internet connection.

Free Games Do Not Download

Now after downloading the game it is time to install it without any errors. For successful installation follow the given steps:-

  • Disable your Anti-virus or Windows defender before installation.
  • Click on setup application and click on Limit the setup to 2 GB Ram( if you have 8 or less than 8GB of ram)
  • It is very important to tick the Limit 2Gb ram check box, it will eliminate all memory errors( like ISDONE.dll error) and also helps in faster installation for the devices with less than 8 GB of Ram.
  • After that make sure you have enough space for the installed game.
  • Be patient during the installation process and Do not panic if it looks stuck, installation can take upto several hours depending on game size and your machine's hardware.
  • Do not skip the file verification of the game.
  • After installation is done make sure you have installed DirectX 11 and vcredist on your system to avoid any .dll file missing error.
  • Thats it, now you can enjoy the game.
  • If you followed the above steps, there are 90% chances your game is running and if not you can join there there discussion forum for any further errors.

Now many will ask is it safe to download the cracked games or is it legal to pirate games, There is no guarantee regarding the security, these cracked games may contain malicious scripts and application, So download at your own risk. Piracy is Illegal but don't worry you will not go to jail for downloading the pirated games XD.

Play Free Games Online No Download

If you encounter any error during installation or downloading, you can ask in comment section.