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Release Notes

Bootable USB Creator This software can be utilized for uninstalling an application which can make complete and clear removal of all files. To know more about installer creator software one can search Google using “windows installer creator”, “installer creator free download”, “best installer creator” or “free installer creator”.

Cartoon creator software, free download

The WIX Toolset is a free set of tools for creating Windows installers that works with Visual Studio 2012 or higher. I mention it last because it requires the biggest learning curve. You can create some very complex installers with it, but you’ll be coding quite a bit and using a command line often. Development software for creating video games, tools and apps. Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Free Edition. Install Creator Pro Program Download. Install file for both. The free version of Install Creator is fully functional for both commercial and non commercial products. Installers built with this version contain an extra page when the install is complete, linking back to Clickteam to spread the word about Install Creator.

If you are using 32Bit Windows (WinXP/Vista (32bit)/7 (32bit)/8 (32bit)/10 (32bit)), please click below link to download and install the 32Bit Easy Video Maker.
Download(32Bit) 45.08MB

If you are using low-spec or very old laptop, please click below link to download and install the Lite version of Easy Video Maker.
Download 60.06MB

  • Easy Video Maker is 100% SAFE and CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to spyware, viruses, adware, trojans and backdoors. We don't require any personal info when you download and install the Easy Video Maker.
  • Recommend downloading above 64Bit (.exe) version, Easy Video Maker (64Bit) required Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and 2019 x64 redistributable package, if your computer doesn't have them, this version will auto install them.
  • At last, if your computer can't download .exe file from our website, you could download below 90.52MB(.zip) version, then unzip it on your computer, and will still get above 91.68MB 64Bit (.exe) version too.

How to Install

  • Before you install, please make sure that you are logged on as Administrator or as a user with Administrator privileges. The installation wizard will guide you through the process, and finish in some seconds.

How to Update

Free Installer Creator Software For Windows

  • If you have installed a previous version of the software, please uninstall the previous version first, then install the new version. Doing this will retain your registration information.