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Select your new source ( and install AppSync for your device's firmware, Then install Installous. Return to your home screen and run your new application (Installous. Now users are able to download applications for free from the Apps store. Cydia is an application that allows users to install software packages and cracked apps on jailbroken iOS devices. To get free apps on Cydia, you must first jailbreak your iOS device to install Cydia, then add repositories that can provide you with access to paid apps for free.

Yes! I’ve finally got my iPhone 5 after a long wait. What’s the first thing to do? Of course is to try to install Cydia on it and yes I am going to share you the step by step on how to install Cydia on iPhone 5. It is not really easy but it is not so hard too. It is just like how you download Cydia and install it to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Previously, you can jailbreak your iPhone and have Cydia installed in five minutes on iPhone 4/4S but now there is “not yet” a way to do so on iPhone 5 because you still can’t jailbreak your iPhone 5 for now. However, you can follow these steps to install Cydia on your phone manually. It is very easy, don’t be scared away by the word “manually”.

Do you see the Cydia icon on iPhone 5. Do you notice that the screen is longer and it looks beautiful with Cydia icon?

Step 1: Connect both your iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Open the terminal app and type in ssh [email protected]. If your iPhone IP is, you will need to type ssh [email protected]

Step 3: When you are prompt to key in a password in your iOS 6 devices, just put alpine.

Step 4: Now type the following command into the terminal after both the devices are connected (Note: I get this script from

Free Iphone Apps Cydia Installous Windows 10

wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/

Step 5: Wait a moment and your iPhone should reboot within seconds. Ignore whatever scripts running on the terminal that sounds weird and unfamiliar to you. There you go, you have installed Cydia on your iPhone 5.

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Please note that I’ve skipped the steps to tethered jailbreak iOS 6 manually. And please also note that most websites state that these steps are only works with A4 devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G). I tried it on my iPhone 5 and somehow it works! If you find these steps and it is not working please don’t blame me, if it works congratulations! Otherwise, you may have to wait for a little while to get a workable jailbreak process on your iPhone 5.

The popularity of Cydia on iPhone 5 is just like Gangnam style today, no one can stop listening to it, and yes I will say Cydia supporters will never stop to use Cydia on their iDevices.