Free Sound Device Installation For Windows Xp

'No Audio Output Device is Installed' Windows XP Hello Recently the past few days my computer wont play anything. By where the volume icon is a red circle with an 'X' on it. Install sound device drivers for windows xp most updated driver version for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2014: 17.5.2021: 1046: 993: 100%-install sound device drivers for windows xp free driver download for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003 2014: 8.6.2021: 1265: 898: 100%.

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Free Sound Device Installation For Windows Xp Download

Support for Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is built into Microsoft Windows Vista and newere (including Win 7 and 8.) It is not native to Windows XP. Since many devices now use MTP for PC connection and file transfer, including some smart phones, music players, and flash memory devices, Windows XP users are feeling left out. Such tasks used to be accomplished by using USB Mass Storage mode.

USB Mass Storage made it easy to connect your portable device to a PC and transfer files. It was not necessary to install any special drives on the PC. The PC would detect the device, and you could simply cancel the driver search dialog, and then wait a few seconds for the new drive letter to appear in Explorer/My Computer. Files could be transferred both ways.

Due to some limitations in how USB Mass Storage mode works, developers have pushed to replace the old standard with the new MTP mode, which is an extension of the very limited Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP). MTP mode allows access to portable device memory without mount issues and file lock problems. MTP displays the device in My Computer, not as a drive letter, but by the device name itself, and offering access to read and write files to it directly.

No Native Support for MTP Under Windows XP


When a modern MTP device is connected to Windows XP, it will momentarily appear as a USB Mass Storage Device (where a small partition is reserved with an autorun.inf files and a driver.) The appearance of the USB Mass Storage device is brief, and does not represent the actual read/write space on the device flash memory. Windows XP will then prompt the user for driver installation.

For MTP to work on Windows XP, a key component of Windows Media Player 11 is needed. Windows XP will also require Service Pack 3 to be installed.

  • SP3 + WMP11

Although technically, not all of Windows Media Player 11 is needed. What is needed is a part called the UMDF (User Mode Driver Framework). This part is contained within a file:

  • umdf.exe

A Quick Fix

Install Microsoft Media Player 11. You can install MMP11 without going to Windows License Validation if you use Winzip to open the installer file 'wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe' and extract the contents into a temp directory. Then, within all those files, you only need to run 2 specifically to install WMP11. Run them in the following order:

  1. wmfdist11.exe
  2. wmp11.exe

mtp 'cannot install this hardware'

This error is also part of the complete error message:


Sometimes there are errors during the installation of WMP11 due to the very buggy nature of Microsoft software. Lets face it, Microsoft software is buggy garbage. But here we are using it.

A working resolution was posted by forum member 'denis_mc_auliffe_ie'. It has been mirrored here for preservation and your convenience.

Resolutions for other MTP Driver Installation issues

It has been suggested to install .Net Framework 4.0. Although I don't believe this is necessary, it is something you can try. Obtain and install the following from

Windows Xp Sound Device Download

Vendors like Samsung and LG offer universal MTP compatibility drivers. The one from LG is available from their web site, and is called:

I think the LG driver is a piece of crap, and is also not the answer.

Microsoft wants you to try installing this:

It is really not necessary. They swear it is though.

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