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  1. Install Vscode Ubuntu
  2. Vscode
  • What I mean is that if you install VSCode on your computer, it works, out of the box, with modern JS syntax; that’s what it’s built primarily to do. It shouldn’t be highlighting what is valid code with errors.
  • VSCode or Visual Studio Code is a completely different code editor. Some of the noteworthy features of VSCode are: VSCode is open source and free software. VSCode is written in JavaScript (TypeScript) It's built by and maintained by Microsoft. Let's see how you can install Visual Studio Code.

A vscode extension to preview and edit JSON documents in a simple tree view, based on Hot to install free tv on my computer.

To start open the command pallete and type json.View>Command Palette> JSON Editor: Start JSON editor session


  • Tree view updates automatically when you save the active document

  • Properties/values can edited in the tree view, which updates the active json document

  • Tree view supports searching, expand/collapse all, and undo/redo


  • vscode-json-editor.theme: Set the theme for the editor ('light', 'dark'). Note: you must close/reopen any existing editors for the change to take effect.

Known Issues

  1. Editing large json files (>1mb) from the tree view can sometimes cause edits to be lost or not fully synced.


  • Tree view code provided by jsoneditor

Release Notes


  • Updated to the latest jsoneditor release


  • Updated to latest jsoneditor release
  • Improved jsoneditor -> editor update times


  • Tweaked the background color for the dark theme to better match vscode's defualt
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline


  • Added dark theme (fix for #1);


  • Make updating the editor from the tree a bit more consistent


  • Fix borked icon


  • Updated screenshots
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the readme


Initial release of vscode-json-editor

Install Vscode Ubuntu



May 23, 2016 In point of fact, VSCode 'borrows' an astounding number of features from Sublime Text. Anyway, type ext install powershell, arrow down to the PowerShell entry, and press ENTER to install the PowerShell Language Support for Visual Studio Code extension as shown in the next screen capture. VSCode To use Flat Editor, first install the extension. If you're starting from an empty repository, invoke the VSCode Command Palette via the shortcut Cmd+Shift+P and select Initialize Flat YML File This will generate a flat.yml file in the.github/workflows directory, and will open a GUI through which you can configure your Flat action.