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For those of you who are used to using cloud storage, of course, you are familiar with Google Drive. Google Drive is an application that functions to store personal and office documents in an online storage media so that it can be easily accessed from wherever we are.

Google drive for laptop download and install

In the last decade, cloud storage technology has become a popular technology among corporations that involves a lot of data to communicate with clients. Through this application, users can easily access documents from anywhere, and can also share these documents with clients, friends, and family.

Google Drive also provides flexibility for the types of documents that can be stored on online storage media, which include all types of files and documents. Next, we will discuss Google Drive features one by one, which makes it the best cloud storage application.

Features and Highlights

The first feature provided by Google Drive is its flexibility in storing document types. In Google Drive, we can upload any type of document. This certainly makes it easier for users to store their data safely. Also, its flexibility also allows users to access documents that have been stored anywhere.

Apart from being a storage media and can be accessed from all places, Google Drive also allows users to share documents with other users, be it family, friends, or colleagues. Through Google Drive users can choose whether the document to be distributed can be seen freely by all users or specifically to certain users.

Google Drive Free Download And Install

If used for corporate purposes with an internal office email network, there is an option to share documents only with users who have the same domain. Thus the ease of accessing and sharing data is not hampered by security problems.

The next feature is that Google Drive can be accessed and used free of charge provided the user has an email address affiliated to Google ( This feature provides anyone with a Google email address to create a free Google Drive account.

Through this feature, users will get a quota of 15 GB of storage as a free user. However, if it is felt lacking, users can choose the option to use a business or corporate account where users can get up to 100 GB of storage space for only a subscription fee of USD 1.99 per month.

Download Google Drive for Windows

Also, Google Drive launched a complementary application to facilitate users in maximizing the benefits of Google Drive features, namely Backup and Sync from Google.

Through this application, users can connect the Google Drive service with a computer so that the user immediately updates the document. It will automatically be stored in the Google Drive database so that the user indirectly also has a backup media if at any time something unexpected happens to the important document.

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Google Drive 1.7.4018.3496

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Google Drive Software Download

Google Drive 1.7.4018.3496

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15.95 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Google Drive 1.7.4018.3496Add info15.95 MB

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Google Drive For Laptop Download And Install

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