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GTA San Andreas Cheats for iOS, Android and Windows Mobiles Below is the complete list of the additional 'secret' cheat codes that only work on the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ( more info ). Aug 04, 2020 CLEO SA is an app to let you use GTA San Andreas's cheat codes and mods on its Android version. However, you need a rooted device otherwise the app won't work. Once inside the game, you can activate CLEO SA's menu by tapping your device's button for a couple of seconds or sliding downwards from the upper part of the screen. Link To Download GTA SA cheats (CLEO) without Root: r rGTA SA Cheats on Android Without Root! (Cleo) rThis app will help you to enter cheats and codes to GTA San Andreas on an android phone easily without root click on link below and download CLEO app. The CLEO app is best to use on an android phone. It gives the best cheats and codes on an android phone. I hope the video helps you to.

It is quite easy to use cheats in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Gaming platform when it comes to the PC edition. But here in this article, I have shared the “GTA SA Cheater Apk” for Android gamers who love to play this game on their smartphones.

So, now you can download it for your phones if you are devices are compatible. Basically, that platform works on mostly high-end devices due to heavy graphics, therefore, it is useless to get this app for low-end Androids.


Every application has its own unique usage procedure through which you can get benefit from it. Gta iv pc game free download. Therefore, I have also shared the precise guide through that you will become able to enter desired codes into the game.

So, you only need to do is just download and install the app from this post and then read this article carefully. Further, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and give us your valuable feedback.

About GTA SA Cheater

A couple of years ago this gaming platform was launched forthe windows PC devices and it became so much famous. But within a short periodof time, they launched its mobile version which is still considered as one ofthe most famous applications for Android.

Basically, GTA SA Cheater Apk is not an official application or a game but it can be used to enter or penetrate hacking codes or cheats. These kinds of codes help gamers to complete various missions without any kind of difficulty.

Further, it allows fans to unlock various kinds of features like unlimited ammo, unlimited health, weapons, and many others.

The official platform is owned or developed by Rockstar North. While the App that I have shared in this post is unofficial and does not have any kind of affiliation with Rockstar North. This is developed by Net Tech Development Ltd for mobile phones.

So, it is a hacking tool which you can use for the San Andreas edition only. Because there are almost five or more editions of this gaming platform for each there are specified codes.

Details of APK

How to use GTA SA Cheater Apk?

GTA San Andreas Cheater Apk for Android mobile is one ofthose applications which makes you able to enter cheat codes into the officialgame. Zoc terminal 7.17.2 crack + serial. It is quite easy to do on PCs or laptops while in mobiles you don’t get akeypad option or keyboard option to type anything.

However, this application provides you with a keyboard or keypad option during gameplay. Furthermore, it gives you the list of cheating codes from which you can easily type or enter the desired hack.

But before going to do that you will need to download and install the latest version of the app from this article.

The new update lets you use the latest Grand Theft Auto hacks. Therefore, I recommend you to get the newer version from this post. To make it easier for you I have just provided a step by step guide here below so follow these following steps.

  • Open the game and enter into CJ house which is the starting point for almost every mission and save your game in a new slot.
  • Now open GTA SA Cheater Apk and click on the game which you have saved in the new slot.
  • Then select any cheat and press save option.
  • Now load that play and enjoy the freedom.
Is it Legal?

Just because it is a hacking or a cheating tool which is why it is illegal and unethical to use. However, it is our responsibility to share pros and cons besides the product that you download from this website.

Therefore, it is important to share that this is an illegal tool and there is no kind of guarantee whether it is safe or not. Therefore, you must use it or download it on your own risk. Otherwise, the owners of this website will not be responsible for any kind of malicious behaviour.

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We always share the inspiring and helpful applications on this website besides some thrilling games. So, if you want to see a few more apps then click on the home button. But if you want to download GTA SA Cheater Apk for Android then click on below download button.

Direct Download Link

In December 2013, Rockstar Games released a mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreasfor Android devices. For all intents and purposes, it’s the same game as the one released on PC and consoles back in 2004, but remastered for mobile devices. Unfortunately, in bringing it over to mobile devices, it seems Rockstar has disabled the ability to enter cheat codes. On the PC and console versions, you could simply pause the game and type in the code and unlock the associated cheat; with Android that’s not possible (even when using a keyboard with the phone).

So to get around this, it appears some users have created an alternative app called “CLEO” that works in tandem with the game, allowing you to activate cheats within San Andreas. Before continuing, let me first warn you that we haven’t personally tested this app, though it appears legit based on feedback from several users. It has also only been tested on Android 4.0, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4. Below is a quick video of CLEO in action with working GTA: San Andreas cheats. If you do decide to download CLEO, feel free to offer your feedback in the comments below.

First, DOWNLOAD CLEO FILES HERE. If you do decide to download CLEO, feel free to offer your feedback in the comments below.

How to install CLEO on your Android device


  • Make sure that you have rooted Android device (SU installed)
  • Make sure that CLEO supports your GTA, you can check game version in Settings->Apps of your Android device.
  • Supported versions are:
  • GTA 3 v1.4
  • GTA VC v1.0.3
  • GTA SA v1.0.0, v1.0.2, v1.0.3
  • If you have previous CLEO version installed then you need to open the app, press Uninstall in order to remove CLEO from the game and then delete the app
  • Install cleo.apk, if installation isn’t possible then you need to enable Unknown sources in Settings->Security
  • Launch installed app and when root request dialog occures grant an access
  • Using the app you can Install and Uninstall CLEO from any GTA game individually, before doing this press Check in order to determinate possibility of installation. If install isn’t possbile then probably you have unsupported game version
  • If check succeeded then press Install
  • If install succeeded then you should try launching the game. In GTA 3 and GTA VC standard “Touch to continue” label should be replaced with CLEO build info, in GTA SA build info should be shown in the text box just right after going ingame
  • On some devices after reboot CLEO library (not the app) must be installed again


First of all you should know that a lot of PC CLEO *.cs scripts can’t be launched with CLEO Android because they are using PC opcodes and PC orientated controls. Any PC script must be manually checked and rewritten if needed in order to be used on Android. CLEO Android is using *.csa script extension, you can compile and decompile it with Sanny Builder like PC *.cs scripts, additionaly CLEO Android for GTA San Andreas is using *.csi script type, the only difference between *.csa and *.csi scripts is that *.csa scripts start just after the game loads and *.csi scripts only when user invokes them via ingame script menu, see below for the detailed information regarding script menu.

Script installation

Once the game app is launched CLEO looks for the scripts in the folder which is one level up from the game saves directory, for example let’s see what folders GTA San Anreas is using on my Android phone, note that it may be different with your device

For me saves are located at:

> /storage/sdcadrd0/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/

Gta Sa Cleo Cheats Download For Android Free

CLEO scripts and accompanied files must be copied to:

> /storage/sdcadrd0/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/

In order to install scripts copy all files from the /scripts/gta**/ folder of this distrib to the directory described above. See bonus page of cleo.pdf with the screenshot of GTA San Andreas folder with installed scripts if you don’t get what and where must be copied.

Script menu

Lots of CLEO scripts on PC are using keyboard and it’s not a big deal to find some unique key combinatoin which won’t be used by any other script, but when it comes to an input limited by a touchscreen other ways must be used, thats where CLEO script menu takes a place. Note that CLEO script menu is available only for GTA San Andreas and only the *.csi scripts appear in the script menu.

There are two ways of activating script menu:

  • hardware menu button press until menu is shown
  • touchscreen center slide from top to bottom (from touch point #4 to #6)

Gta Sa Cleo Cheats Scripts Download Android

Script menu controls description involves touch points, you can read about CLEO touch points in the section below.

In order to select desired script touch center-top (touch point #4) or center-bottom (touch point #6), this will move active row up or down, use center (touch point #5) to start the script, if script is still running then it won’t be launched.

While installing more *.csi scripts menu capacity grows with adding new menu pages when needed, you can switch between menu pages using left-center (touch point #2) and right-center (touch point #8) points.

Menu can be closed by touching any other touch point which is not listed above or using menu button.

Using CLEO Touch Points to activate cheats in San Andreas on Android

CLEO touch points is the CLEO engine implemented touch detection system which can be used via CLEO Android additional opcodes. It divides touchscreen into 9 parts called touch points which can be used to detect timed slides and touches. Depending on your action and the touch point, you can bring up the menu of GTA: San Andreas cheats on Android devices. For the full list of cheats, check out the PDF in the files above.

Gta Sa Cleo Cheats Download For Android Game

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