Install Free Office Linux Mint 19

In this video, we look at how to install WPS Office 2019 on Linux Mint 19.2. For the dowload link and more, look here: https://www.linuxmadesimple.inf.

Linux Mint's purpose is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution. It was now originally based on Ubuntu but is now more of a Debian derivative in its own right. This gives it a stable base and access to a large amount of software, from its own collection and those of Ubuntu and Debian.
Ease of use is one of its main features and it is one of the few Linux distributions to handle all common media types 'out of the box'. Most distributions produce a single, worldwide version, so they have to leave out media codec that may not be allowed in some countries. Linux Mint produce two versions, one satisfying the need to only include open and free software and the other including all the media codecs you could need. The latter is the default download.
Linux Mint is a community supported distribution and the developers are very active on their forums, often implementing features as a direct result of a request from users. This results in a rapid release cycle, although there is also paid support and longer term releases for those that wish to use Mint in a commercial environment. The default desktop environment is GNOME, but there is also a KDE version and one using the lighter (and faster) XFCE desktop. 32 bit and 64 bit versions are provided, so you have plenty of choice.

Note that this is the 19th release of Linux Mint.


Easy to use with everything working out of the box.

About WPS

WPS Office is a light-weight office for Linux developed by the Kingsoft corporation. This software is free to use, but under commercial license.

This version is an unofficial release of the 2019 version with all languages interface translation and spell-check dictionary included.

This version also includes common MS Fonts. By using this Snap package, you accept all terms of use of the Microsoft End-User License Agreement ('EULA'):

To prevent leakages of private data, the plug for internet is disabled, which prevents WPS to call home in China. Enjoy WPS securely !

Install Free Office Linux Mint 19 Download

Post installation configuration

For security reasons, printing from SNAP is disabled by default. (see:

Linux Mint Office Software

In order to have printing from WPS working you need to either give the permission from the Snap-Store permission panel or execute the following commands:

Linux Mint Free Download

Known bugs

Due to SNAP limitation, some of the behavior of the application is not functional. /free-download-primo-cutepdf-writer-installer/.

SNAP Issues I can't fix

Install free office linux mint 19 free
  • SNAP does not allow to open file from temporary folder /tmp in memory. It seems this is not possible for Snap to share /tmp with host as it is seen as a security loophole by snap developper. Yet it is usefull for temporary opening of a document from Thunderbird/Firefox..
  • Similarly, the multi-tab opening from file explorer does not work. If you have WPS open and click on file from file explorer, it will open a new WPS windows and not a new tab. Experimenting with firejail, it seems this behavior comes from /tmp containment.

Minor issues

  • Do not override the doc/docx icon of the file explorer with the WPS icon. The problem seems to be in the MIME, but the XML file is allright. I need to investigate this.

Intentional Behaviour

  • For personal use convenience, PDFs do not get automatically associated with WPS when installing WPS from this snap. It is on purpose, as I do not like the PDF reader so much. For me it is missing the very important 'Save as' function which is important when reading a temporary PDF from the web. It is not a bug but was done intentionnally. I can easily revert that change if users don't like it.
  • The opening page is not translated into local language. There is no available translation for this front page.
  • Accessing the WPS official website from the application results in a blank page. It is normal, internet plug is disabled for privacy. ^_^