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In this post we will be focusing on free visualization extensions. Here are 7 Qlik Sense Extensions you must have in your toolkit. These are in no particular order.

Before We Begin

This post will feature our ability to leverage these extensions in our apps. If you are interested in developing extensions for Qlik Sense, that is awesome. You should definitely check out Stefan Walther’s guides at

Installing Qlik Sense Extensions

To find and install these extensions and many, many more, you will need to register (free) with Qlik Branch. Qlik Branch is the playground/clearing house/repository for all things Qlik Extension related. There is a short post in the Qlik Community that discusses the installation of extensions, but briefly: If you are installing on a Qlik Sense Server Navigate to QMC and find Manage Resources and then Extensions. Select Import, navigate to the folder location of your zipped extension file, select the file and then click Import. For the Qlik Sense Desktop Unzip the extension into Documents/Qlik/Sense/Extensions.

1. Two-Dimensional Heatmap

Download from: Qlik Branch – 2 Dimensional Heatmap

Author: Ralf Becher


This is a full-featured extension for creating heat maps in Qlik Sense. Heatmaps are powerful visualizations that show relative values in comparison to all other values via color. Qlik Sense lacks a native heatmap so this surely fills a need. Although you cannot create your own colormix, there are about a dozen diverging and sequential combinations to choose from. Optionally, you can show the numbers in the chart and they will be contrasted appropriately regardless of chart colors. Selections can be made in the chart using the lasso. Config Tip: The chart might seem too small or large for the given space allocated. Use the Appearance properties Max. Columns for Grid to adjust.

2. CVL Sunburst Quadrant

Download from: Qlik Branch – CVL Sunburst Quadrant

Author: Stephen Redmond

Blog: Qlik Tips

3. Date Range Picker

Download from: Qlik Branch – Date Range Picker

Author: Nodier Torres

Blog: unknown

As a Qlik Developer, I am guilty of assuming the client will be fine with the normal period driven date controls as presented in a typical Qlik App. But a savvy user will ask if we have the ability to select a range, like November of one year to January of the next year. This handy extension allows the user to do just that. The date is configurable to whatever is your standard date format like ‘M/D/YYYY’ for example. Another handy feature is that there are a selection of commonly used date requests like Today, Last 30 Days and This Month. The Date Range Picker only really requires 1×3 grid area. It pulls down into a larger area with user interaction and then recedes back to its spot. Very Slick.

4. Dependency Wheel Chart

Download from: Qlik Branch – Dependency Wheel Chart

Author: Ralf Becher


The Dependency Wheel Chart is a great looking extension meant to show the relationship of 2 dimensions thru a metric. Although impressive, I feel this kind of visualization can be somewhat messy. Fortunately pains have been taken to make this extension useful. For example, hovering over a dimensional value will highlight the dependencies and fade out the unrelated graphics. The colors are limited to Diverging and Sequential with no opportunity to define a color expression, but users can select dimension values within the chart.

5. Narratives for Qlik Sense

Download from: NarrativeScience – Narratives for Qlik

Author: NarrativeScienceFree download pak urdu installer for windows 7.

Blog: In the Loop

You have created a stunning visualization, but what does it mean? What business insight does it provide? NarrativeScience is here to assist. With the help of their free Qlik Sense Extension, we can automatically create a verbal narrative that tells the story in our data. You simply assign an existing visual object to the extension and it tells a relevant story for you. Choose verbosity and paragraph vs. bullet points and we are good to go. As the user makes selections the story changes with it. We are at the beginning phases of this technology but it is truly impressive.

6. Redmond Pie Gauge

Download from: Qlik Branch – Redmond Pie Gauge

Author: Stephen Redmond

Blog: Qlik Tips

Install Qlikview Free Trial Qlik Sense

This is a neat extension that displays a pie or donut gauge. Using an actual and a target metric, it shows how far we are over or under the target. There is an option to incrementally change from pie to donut. It would go a long way if we could add the actual numbers to the center of donut or the bottom of the charts, but I am crossing my fingers for a phase 2 of this one because the idea is so unique.

7. Simple KPI

Download from: Qlik Branch – Simple KPI

Author: Alex Nerush

Install Qlikview Free Trial Qlik Sense Plus

Blog: unknown

If you make use of only one of the Qlik Sense extensions on this list, I suggest the Simple KPI by Alex Nerush. What makes this Simple KPI extension awesome is that is incredible versatile and well featured. For starters, you can spread it across a dimension. You can also have multiple expressions. I really love the ability to select an icon and show it in Infographic Mode which simply repeats the icon to represent the value. This Qlik Sense extension can also make use of your very own CSS Style Sheet. Finally, drag another visualization into it as the secondary measure to show the KPI and the visual in the object.


If you haven’t put your feet in the water on this whole extensions thing, you need to. There is a blooming collection of work at Qlik Branch and elsewhere that is expanding the use-cases for Qlik Sense. In previous experience with Qlik Sense, I was using extensions in Qlik Sense to try to make the experience comparable to QlikView. But now, I find my perspective shifting to what new things I can do with Qlik Sense that were not possible in either tool before. Also, please offer up some kudos to the extension developers in our developer community, specifically Qlik Branch. They are doing a great job and offering their work free of charge to all of us ungratefuls. You can see part 2 of this series because 7 was just enough: 9 More Must-Have Qlik Sense Extensions What are your favorite Qlik Sense Extensions? I want to know.

Happy Qliking!

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