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Having a conversation with people across the world is as easy as pressing a button and much cheaper than in the past when landline phones were still dominating social communication. Language isn’t even that much of a communication barrier anymore if you use Skype.

Skype - free IM & video calls. Skype keeps the world talking. Say “hello” with an instant message, voice or video call – all for free. Use Skype to send SMS messages to mobiles worldwide and with SMS Connect you can now also read and reply to your phone's SMS messages right from your computer. SMS connect will be released gradually. How to install skype in your computer by online stuffdownload skype for free: to download.

The history of Skype was started in 2003. After changing ownership several times, Skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2011. /zawgyi-font-installer-for-android-free-download/. Since the first time it appeared, a lot of users have been using it as their main communication medias, and the features keep getting more attractive over time.

Features and Highlights

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Live Captions and Subtitles

In December 2018, live captions and subtitles were added to Skype in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Skype uses a speech-to-text AI to display text during your conversation. The features are intended to help people with hearing disabilities, but they can be useful for everyone in certain situations such as when the audio isn’t clear enough and when you want to use the Skype Translator to talk with a person who speaks a different language.

Skype Translator

Combined with live captions and subtitle, Skype Translator can be an indispensable tool for international communication. It used to be a standalone application before it was integrated into Skype in October 2015 to provide a real-time translation for various languages. With Skype Translator, you don’t have to rely on your dictionary anymore when speaking to someone from a different country.

Split View Mode

Chatting with several people at the same time can be confusing. Sometimes you may even end up sending a message to the wrong person by accident. You can reduce the risk of such a mistake to happen by taking full advantage of the split view mode in Skype.

As the name suggests, it splits your conversation panels. In other words, each conversation that you open is put in its own window. If you are chatting with three people, for example, then you will get four windows. One window displays your contact list, while the other three display the conversations.

More Options

You can also enable and disable options such as read receipts, large emoticons, text size, web link preview, notification sounds, chat notifications, poll notifications, missed chats and calls reminders, scheduled call notifications, or to paste copied text as a quote, download files you receive in chats automatically, and use the Enter key to insert a new line or send the message.

Skype Free Download for PC

Skype is a decent communication tool that can be an alternative choice if you reluctant to use WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, or Line. However, after you install it, you might want to disable it from automatically starting every time you sign in to Windows. This option is only useful if you always use Skype every single day for communication.

The default theme may also be another aspect of Skype that you want to change. There are dark themes to help with strain eye, light themes that makes the interface looks clean, and colorful themes that perhaps can alleviate your mood a little bit.

Lightweight and easy collaboration tool with an uncertain future.

Install Skype Computer Free Download

Skype for Business (SFB) is a business-focused app that allows you to instant message, phone and video call, screen share, host and record meetings, and generally collaborate with your colleagues. If you’ve ever used Microsoft Lync, then you’re in luck – Lync was rebranded to Skype for Business in 2015, refining Lync’s core functionalities ever since.
Please note this is a separate product from Skype for consumers. It’s an important distinction to make since SFB should not be viewed as a phone replacement or VOIP Service. It cannot make emergency phone calls. It serves as a lightweight collaboration tool. Any business using the Microsoft ecosystem, particularly small businesses, should take a look at SFB. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook from where you can create Skype meetings and populate your contact list. It offers a variety of plan options at attractive prices, though making sense of that spider web proves difficult (see here). Last but not least, Microsoft has already announced that Teams will be replacing SFB and when sunset occurs, it isn't clear.


An enjoyable experience

Simplicity is its strength

At its core, SFB allows you to select another SFB user from a contact list and from there, start an instant message conversation, make a call (video if you have that capability), or share your screen. Additional features build from that basic premise.

Easy learning curve and intuitive UI

The application tucks toward the side of your screen, and goes for the tall and skinny look. Your name falls at the top along with your picture, availability status (available, away, do not disturb, etc.), and a personal message for your contacts to see if you choose to write one. Below that sit four icons across the menu – Contacts, Conversations, Meetings, Settings. These determine what you see in the body of the application. It defaults to Contacts, which means most of the time you’ll be looking at your contact list when the app is open. Your contacts each have a picture, availability status, and video capability indication. Managers can check on the idle time of their employees as SFB shows a timestamp for how long someone has been away from their computer.

From there go about your usual use case. Double click on your colleague’s icon and up comes the conversation window. More icons appear allowing you to make a call, share your screen, or send a file. You can also find a “+” icon on the upper right to expand this conversation to more people. Invite the whole office, if you'd like! Some subscription levels allow up to 250 people in a conversation.

/install-free-radio-stations/. The SFB plug-in for Outlook rocks. Once installed, all you need to schedule a Skype meeting from Outlook is to make a new meeting, click on the SFB icon plug-in, and it auto populates your conference information in the body of the meeting. Add your attendees, an agenda, and pick a time, and you are off to your next game of conference call bingo.

Flexibility for including non-SFB users to your meetings and calls help SFB stand-out as a great tool for collaboration. When invited to a SFB meeting, non-SFB users have the ability to download the SFB Web App to their browser. The app allows for HD video conferencing, IM in meetings, presentation viewing, desktop sharing, whiteboard, lobby, and presenter access controls. The app also enables PC-based audio and video. The only drawback is that other SFB functionalities like viewing a user’s presence or contact information are unavailable.

Where can you run this program?

Luckily, Microsoft serves up a free client that you can try. According to the website, the free basic client provides presence, instant messaging, and conferencing features. If you are licensed for Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Enterprise E3 and Office 365 Enterprise E4, you are also licensed for the full Skype for Business Windows desktop client, which includes additional features including advanced telephone support, archiving, and compliance features.

Is there a better alternative?

Microsoft has made it clear that Teams will replace SFB but gives no clear date when the service in question will shut down. While the UI of SFB is preferable, Teams has some clear advantages when it comes to features, specially for larger organizations. Persistent chat (think chat rooms) and greater integration with other Microsoft Office suite products is one advantage of Teams. It’s also the future-proof choice given more development is unlikely with SFB.

Slack is another very popular alternative. It has one of the best UIs in the business; mass adoption so you’re bound to find others in your organization that have some experience with it; and a target painted on its back: Microsoft developed Teams to compete with it.

Our take

Small businesses should take a hard look at SFB for their communication needs. That is, if they don’t already subscribe to Office 365 which bundles it. Large businesses may want the more robust features of full-fledged VOIP services or Teams. Its simplicity is its forte. Microsoft Teams – the replacement for SFB – can appear cluttered and less intuitive, albeit more capable.

Should you download?

Does your office participate in the modern, remote-work era where it might need IM, video calling, and teleconferencing? Does it use Microsoft products? If so, it probably already has SFB and if not, the free version lies a few clicks away. So, go for it.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Has most features you'd want in a collaboration tool


  • Being phased out in favor of Teams
  • Hard to understand pricing and options

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