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Freedom Mobile Automatic APN Configuration

Try the easiest option first. In most cases when you insert SIM card to a new device, Freedom Mobile detects your phone modal and sends the correct APN configuration settings. But if this did not work, you can still request APN settings via SMS to be installed automatically to device.

Type setup and send the SMS to 41111 and you will receive the correct Freedom Mobile APN settings via SMS. Once you approve the settings they will be automatically applied to your device.

If this did not work, you will need to manually configure your device. Please select your device modal or OS to get the instructions to setup correct APN settings to configure your device.

Freedom Mobile APN settings for mobile phones & tablets

Freedom Mobile APN settings can be configured to browse internet or send and receive MMS with Freedom Mobile. Configure your device using one of the below Freedom Mobile APN settings. Only few of Freedom Mobile APN settings will be compatible with your mobile device and Freedom Mobile.Please try below APN setting configurations,Freedom Mobile Internet APN settings, Freedom Mobile MMS APN settings one by one to get the correct APN settings applied to your device on Freedom Mobile.

Fast T-mobile Apn

Freedom Mobile Internet APN settings
APN typedefault,supl
Metro by t-mobile apn

Freedom Mobile MMS APN settings
MMS proxy74.115.197.70
MMS proxy port8080
APN typemms

When you type Freedom Mobile APN settings, make sure you enter APN settings in correct case. Origin cd keys generator free battlefield 1. For example, in Freedom Mobile Internet APN settingsmake sure you enter APN as and not as INTERNET.FREEDOMMOBILE.CA or

MCC & MNC values for Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile network frequencies

UMTS 1700 MHz, UMTS 2100 MHz
LTE Band 66 1700/2100, LTE Band 4 1700/2100, LTE Band 7 2600
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Freedom Mobile VoLTE

Freedom Mobile supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE)via
LTE band 4 (1700) and
LTE band 66 (1700).

Freedom Mobile Max upload & download speeds

Metro By T-mobile Apn

Freedom Mobile is a LTE CAT6 operator.

Max upload speed 51 Mbps
Max download speed 301.5 Mbps

Installer Apn Free Mobile Phones

Freedom Mobile was formerly called as Wind Mobile during 2009–2016. On November 21, 2016, company announced that Wind Mobile had been renamed to Freedom Mobile and on the same day Freedom Mobile launched LTE service in Toronto and Vancouver.