Installing Frabill Tangle Free Net

Frabill is one of the most trusted names in the world of fishing nets – and they do an amazing job of creating fishing nets that have features that every angler wants.

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The Frabill Tangle-Free Folding Net is a very basic fishing net from Frabill that can be used to catch walleye – with the big selling point for it being how inexpensive it is. That makes this a great choice for anglers that are only out on the water a few times a year and don’t want to spend a ton of money on a high-end landing net. RANGER RUBBER REPLACEMENT NETS. Rubber replacement landing nets are your answer if you're looking for the most tangle free net made. Made of flexible thermal plastic rubber material. Rubber replacement nets are guaranteed for 1 year to resist heat and UV rays.

They also do an amazing job of creating different fishing nets that are designed to land different species. And one of those species they have created some amazing nets for would be Musky.

So, what are the best Frabill Musky Fishing Nets? The best Frabill Musky Fishing Nets are the Power Catch Net line and the Frabill Deep Conservation Series Fishing Nets.

3443 FRABILL SPORTSMAN NET. Be the first to review this product. 3443 FRABILL SPORTSMAN NET. Frabill Sportsman Tangle Free Dipped Landing Net - Frabill tangle-free nets offer traditional styling with a special dipped process that covers the netting with a vinyl coating. So, this net has 100% knotless mesh with a tangle free mesh coating, a linear bottom to reduce fish rolling, and an overall tear-drop net shape. All of these features are built-in to protect fish. This is also a lightweight, one-person musky fishing net. 20' x 23' Meshgard Sportsman Tangle-Free Dipped Landing Net. 20' X 23' MeshGard Hoop. 36' Slide Handle. Pow'R Lok Yoke carries Frabill's Lifetime Warranty. 3/8' Tangle Free Micro Mesh.

These nets were designed to catch big Musky and you can see why they are so popular with Musky anglers. Check out this Best Frabill Musky Fishing Nets Review to see which net would be the best to ensure your angling success!

The Best Frabill Musky Fishing Net: Frabill Power Catch Nets

Not only do we consider the Frabill Power Catch Fishing net line to be the best Frabill Musky Net, but we also ranked this fishing net line number 1 on our list of the Best Musky Fishing Nets that you can read by clicking the link!

What makes these Power Catch nets so special? It is the combination of size, durability, and control you have when using the net. When you combine all of those factors, you are going to have a fishing net that Musky anglers want.

From a durability standpoint, the yoke system is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, has extra support built into to make sure it can handle the weight of big musky, even the hardware is made from corrosion-proof stainless steel.

The handle was designed to reduce drag and provide a secure grip – some traditional round handles will roll-over in your hand – not this one. It provides you with an easy to control, easy to lift net that will handle musky.

Another neat thing about his yoke system lets the handle slide into the net to make storage a lot easier. Musky nets are really big – and storage can be an issue from time to time. It was nice of Frabill to help address this issue.

The handle is also a 48″ long sliding handle to provide enough reach to catch fish.

The hoop is a teardrop style with a hexagonal design that helps it slide through the water, it has a mesh size of 1.75-inches to reduce water resistance and uses a tangle-free knotless mesh to help protect the fish and reduce lure tangling.

There are two different size options that will both work for Musky, but the bigger one has a little extra room for those trophy sized fish! Here are those two choices:

Model #Hoop SizeHandle LengthMesh SizeNet Depth
842532' x 41'Sliding 48'1 3/4'42'
845040' x 44'Sliding 48'1 3/4'48'

Installing Frabill Tangle Free Netgear

The Best Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets for Muskie

All of these factors make these the Best Frabill Musky Nets and the Best overall Musky net on the market today.

The Most Affordable Frabill Musky Fishing Net: Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net

The Conservation Series of nets is one of the most popular net lines that Frabill produces, and they produced a net in this line that is specifically designed for Musky. That would be the Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net.

The conservation series of fishing nets were built with catch and release fishing in mind. So, this net has 100% knotless mesh with a tangle free mesh coating, a linear bottom to reduce fish rolling, and an overall tear-drop net shape. All of these features are built-in to protect fish.

Frabill Net Parts

This is also a lightweight, one-person musky fishing net. The frame is built to be light and easy to control in the water. The handle is still reinforced to provide strength and durability, but the focus was keeping this net lightweight and easy to use.

This net is not as strong as the Power Catch line but will be strong enough to last you a very long time.

The hoop size of this fishing net is 32″ x 41″, with a net depth of 54″. The mesh is 1.5-inches in size, and it has a sliding handle that is 48″ in length. Again, it provides plenty of space to control those big fish you want to land.

The price is about $100 cheaper than the Power Catch fishing net line, so if you aren’t Musky Fishing multiple times a week, that is always something to consider!

Overall, this is a great musky fishing net at a great price!

Final Thoughts and Other Links of Interest

Installing frabill tangle free network

Both of these Frabill Fishing Nets are going to work great for you on your Musky fishing adventures. If you are a very serious musky angler, the Power Catch fishing net is going to be an amazing addition to your collection!

If you want to check out some other great Musky Nets that are out there, check out these reviews:

If you want to learn about other great Frabill Fishing Nets, check out these reviews:

Between all these great fishing nets, we hope you are able to land that giant fish you have been dreaming of!

Kokanee Rods

When it comes to downrigger rods for kokanee, there are tons of choices out there… so many, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming. To help you narrow down your options, consider that for most kokanee fishing you’ll want a rod that’s in the 7- to 7 1/2-foot range. It should be rated for 4- to 8-pound test and you’ll want light or ultralight action.

Kokanee have very soft mouths so your rod needs to have a nice, forgiving tip so that you don’t rips the hooks out of the fish.

JD’s Pick: Okuma has been hitting the coldwater scene very hard in recent years and their SST lineup has been gaining a solid following with salmon, trout, steelhead…and kokanee anglers. The 7-foot SST-C 702L and the 7 ½-foot SST-C-7602L casting rods are really sweet sticks with a nice price tag that’s under $60.

If money is no issue, one of the sweetest kokanee rods I’ve ever used is the GLoomis CR841C. It feels great and is much lighter than other brands. However, you’re going to spend quite a bit more for it… they retail for around $250.


Since kokes don’t get all that big, you don’t need a reel with tons of line capacity. What you do want is something that does have a smooth drag. While kokanee don’t make big, line-melting runs all that often, you do want a reel that is equipped with a quality drag system so you don’t break fish off at the boat.

JD’s Pick: The Shimano Calcutta 100B is a classic round basitcaster reel that is more spendy (around $200), but will literally last you a lifetime of kokanee fishing. Smooth, bulletproof and rocking a good drag, these things are worth the money.

If you are looking for something under $100, check out Shimano’s 100-size Cardiff. For around $90, this reel should give you many seasons of trouble free service chasing kokanee.

The old trusty workhorse Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500S is a tough, no frills reel that retails for around $60.

The Tica KT150 is another nice mid-range reel that’s perfectly suited for Kokanee trolling.

Installing Frabill Tangle Free Net

Tica KT150

Some folks like to have a reel with a line counter feature so they can keep exact track of how far behind their downrigger ball their rigs are. The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 LC is a great lightweight linecounter.


Here’s where you can drive yourself nuts – and burn all the numbers off your credit card – at the same time. The kokanee lure market has become so saturated with product that a newcomer to the sport is likely to get quickly overwhelmed. Further complicating things is the notion that kokanee can quickly turn off and on to different colors or styles of lures.

I’m a fan of keeping things simple. While many koke nuts have a million colors, sizes, makes and models of lures on hand on a given day, I’ll stick to the basics. I break them down into lures with their own action: spinners and spoons and ones that don’t have any built-in movement like bugs and squids.

Installing Frabill Tangle Free Network

Here are some of my favorites:

JD’s Pick: Hootchie-style lures are a staple in most kokanee anglers’ arsenals these days. The UV pink Rocky Mountain Tackle 1.5-inch squid is a good one with which to start.

The Mack’s Lure Cha-Cha Kokane Spinner is another deadly lure that combines the wiggling tentacles of a squid with a spinner.

Speaking of spinners, the Wedding Ring is one of the most popular kokanee lures of all time. Mack’s still makes them, but the new Double Whammy Kokanee Pro comes in more koke-centric colors.

Wobbling lures like Apexes and Pro Troll 1-inch Kokanee Killers also do a lot of damage on lakes where landlocked sockeye live. I give a slight edge to the Pro Troll version because it comes with the E-Chip technology which seems to call fish in on days when other lures can’t.

Frabill Nets For Sale

Dodgers & Flashers

Rocky Mountain Tackle’s Bahama Mama 4 1/4-inch Dodger ($10-$12) seems to be a hot one on just about any lake in the West.

Dick Nite’s Kokanee/Trout Dodgers in the Watermelon pattern are a must-have on most Western kokanee lakes.

In the spring, when kokanee tend to be more spread out, try dragging a spoon or spinner behind a set of Sep’s Large Colorado Prism Flashers ($12). If you start finding some fish, drop down to the smaller sized Sep’s Mini Micro Colorado Flashers (about $8).

Corn & Scents

Thee’s no question kokanee salmon respond to scents. For eons, anglers have tipped their lures with white corn to give them more “meal appeal.” Now days, you rarely see trollers using straight corn – instead they go with marinated or cured corn.

Pautzke’s Fire Corn is ready-to-use corn cured in their secret sauce.

If you prefer to cure your own corn, try Pro Cure’s Wizard Kokanee Korn Magic Scent.

You can also simply pour some white corn into a small plastic container and marinate it overnight in scents like Pro Cure Trout-Kokanee Magic or Mike’s Kokanee Glo Scent.

It’s one of the biggest not-so-secret anyomore “secrets:” Berkley’s GULP Maggots will sometimes out-fish corn of any flavor.


While there are several companies out there that make good downriggers, I’ve always been a fan of those made by Scotty for their ease of use and reliability.

Installing Frabill Tangle Free Net Screen

JD’s Pick: In the electric department, the Scotty Depthmaster Pro Pack with the 60-inch boom is a really nice unit.

For smaller boats where space is limited, check out the Scotty Compact Electric Downrigger.

If you are just getting into the sport you can always go with a hand-crank model like the Depthmaster Masterpack Compact Manual which is easy to use, simple to install and…about half the price of the electric editions.

Depthmaster Masterpack Compact Manual


Modern fishfinders are powerful tools – essential for your success. They sky’s the limit on what you can spend too. Generally, you are going to get better resolution (and target separation) with the more spendy units. You’ll also generally get bigger screens, more power, perhaps dual frequency transducers and a bunch of other bells and whistles.

Get the screen with the most resolution you can find – and also I feel GPS is a pretty handy feature for finding you way around and also marking good fishing spots. Models with lake contour mapping are also sweet because there are times when you will find the kokes suspending over structure.

The graph I currently have is the Lowrance HD9 Gen 2 Touch. I love the thing, but at just over a year old, it’s already been passed by with the likes of the Gen 3 models that feature Chirp technology (gives you better target pictures). The new Lowrance HD 9 Gen 3 Touch is a beast!

Tanglefree Decoys

Those big fishfinders are going to cost you some money – typically in the $2,500 range. If you can’t quite swallow that, you can get a really nice mid-range unit under $500 like the Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Pro that has regular sonar, downscan imaging and GPS. You lose the larger (touch) screen and some features, but it is a really nice compromise.

Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Pro

Of course, the technology has gotten so good in recent years that even a little 4-inch, $170 machine like the Elite 4x will help you locate fish if you are on a tight budget.


Since kokanee have a really annoying habit of getting off right at the boat, a long handled net is a great thing to have aboard. The best nets for this style of fishing have soft rubber knotless mesh. In a regular net, kokes tend to flop and roll around, which usually results in the hooks getting tangled in the mesh… and it can take several minutes to extract your fish and gear. The coated bags will make your life oh, so much easier!

The Frabill Kokanee net fits the bill nicely – it features a telescoping handle that extends from 48 to 96 inches and the bag is made of really nice tangle-free micro mesh. And it’s pretty affordable at about $65.

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