Installing Updraftplus Free

From the course: WordPress: Backing Up Your Site

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Installing Updraftplus Free

Before re-installing it, check how much free disk space you have – if it’s less than 50Mb, then you may need some more (UpdraftPlus is around 19Mb when unzipped – but WordPress creates a second copy when updating, as well as the downloaded zip file). UpdraftPlus (Free) Installing UpdraftPlus is as easy as 1, 2, 3 it’s just the standard WordPress drill. The instructions are below. Alternatively, if you just want to download the zip of the latest recommended stable version manually, then it is here.

From the course: WordPress: Backing Up Your Site

Installing Updraftplus Freestanding

Install and activate UpdraftPlus

- [Instructor] UpdraftPlus offers both a free version and a premium version. Like with most of these plugins, the free version allows you to run basic backups, schedule those backups, and place them in some form of online storage, typically a cloud-hosting service or something else that you already have a free account for. Install wps writer free. The premium offering, you can see if you scroll down a bit here, offers extended service including cloning and migration, incremental backups, meaning it'll only backup the files that are actually changed instead of all the files every time, pre-update backups, backups of non-WordPress files and databases, and a bunch of other features. So, like I explained in the previous movie, before you make a decision on which plugin to use, go check out the features that are available both for the free version and the paid version and figure out what works best for you. The free version of UpdraftPlus, like the…

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When upgrading from your Free version of UpdraftPlus to UpdraftPlus Premium, the process can be a little tricky if it is your first time. As UpdraftPlus Premium is not listed on, it isn’t as simple as just clicking an upgrade button. But if you follow this easy to use guide, upgrading from UpdraftPlus Free to UpdraftPlus Premium can be quick and easy.

Step 1.

Assuming you have the free version of UpdraftPlus installed, you need to deactivate and delete the UpdraftPlus free plugin from your WordPress site.

Step 2.

You now need to install the UpdraftPlus Premium plugin. This can be downloaded by following this link. Save the file to your computer.

Step 3.

Next, go to your WordPress site and choose ‘Add New’ plugin. Select the ‘Upload Plugin’ button. Now select the UpdraftPlus Premium file you just downloaded (it can usually be found in the “Download” folder on your PC) and press ‘Open’ and activate.

Step 4.

Your UpdraftPlus Premium plugin should now be installed. Go to ‘Settings’ and you should now see ‘UpdraftPlus Backups’.

Step 5.

You now need to connect your UpdraftPlus account to the Premium plugin. To do this, go to Premium/Extensions and log in using your account details and press ‘Connect’.

Installing Updraftplus Freeze

Step 6.

You are now connected to UpdraftPlus Premium. To claim any add-ons you may have purchased (such as Azure remote storage backup), remember to press the ‘Activate it on this site’ button, which will allow you to use your purchased add-on feature with your WordPress site.

Step 7.

Finally, refresh the connection by pressing the below link and you are good to go. All Premium features and add-ons should now be available.

Step 8.

Installing Updraftplus Freezer

Don’t forget to then go to the UpdraftPlus settings page to set your backup schedule and press the save button at the bottom of the screen!

Download UpdraftPlus Premium today. If you require further detailed instructions, more information can be found here. Be sure to comment and let us know if you have any questions.

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