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  • Missouri Ignition Interlock Devices is a State of Missouri approved vendor of the Draeger XT ignition interlock device. Missouri Ignition Interlock installs and leases the IID locally at shops in St. Louis, St. Charles, Boone, Jackson and Cole counties. Mobile service is also available for an additional fee.

    As a valued LifeSafer partner, we supply you with the resources to guide your clients through successful program completion. LifeSafer partnership offers: Step by step guides for license recovery. Printed resources sent directly to your office. Exclusive interlock discounts. FREE listing on our website (optional).

    Feb 27, 2021 Free IID Install Alabama Ignition Interlock Locations 3747 Government Blvd. At LifeSafer we charge one monthly fee of $75 and have a free installation on any vehicle make or model for our ignition interlock device. With more Ignition Interlock Installation locations than anyone, Smart Start gets you back on the road fast. As a valued LifeSafer partner, we supply you with the resources to guide your clients through successful program completion. LifeSafer partnership offers: Step by step guides for license recovery. Printed resources sent directly to your office. Exclusive interlock discounts. FREE listing on our website (optional). Free Interlock Installation at all WI Interlock Locations. Free 60 Day Recalibration (service required by state law). Low Price Guarantee, We will meet or beat total IID cost. No sub-contracting service provider fees. Mobile service available, we will come to you! DOT, WI state certified devices. LifeSafer strives to keep our costs on the low end of that scale and offers free installation in all states that allow it. Ready to find out more about the cost of an interlock in your state? Call us now at 800-634-3077.

  • The interlock device prevents a vehicle from being started if the driver's breath alcohol concentration is greater than pre-set limits. Most often, the Draeger XT is installed by court order after a DWI offense and/or as a requirement for receiving a limited driving privilege. The Draeger Interlock XT is often considered the most dependable, affordable, and precise ignition interlock device on the market today. The XT is alcohol specific, which means no false positives due to factors other than alcohol.

  • The Missouri courts and or the Department of Revenue should be able to provide an individual with these details after a DUI conviction.

    Lifesafer Free Installation

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  • Currently, Missouri Ignition Interlock Devices has locations in O'Fallon, Columbia, Independence, Jefferson City and Maryland Heights. Mobile installation is also available at an additional cost.

  • Lifesafer Free Installation
    • Local Installs And Service - No delays dealing with out of state IID providers. All interlock services- handset swaps, recalibrations, removals etc. are performed by our local techs. You will never wait while a new device is shipped to a local subcontractor. You will not pay additional subcontractor fees.
    • Vehicle Towing Unnecessary - In case of lockout, you can contact us to temporarily enable your vehicle, saving you fees associated with towing your car.
    • Better Devices - The Draeger XT® is alcohol specific and utilizes electrochemical fuel cell technology. You will NOT get false fails which could jeopardize your standing with Missouri courts. You WILL save time, money and frustration because you will NOT have to pay for 'resets' due to false fails from other environmental contaminants. The device is alcohol specific.
    • Mobile Service - For an extra charge, we will come to you. Please contact us for service throughout the metropolitan St. Louis and Kansas City areas.
    • Price - Guaranteed lowest price. We will meet or beat competitor pricing right up to the point of installation. Schedule your appointment and then shop around. In the event another certified ignition interlock provider is offering a lower price, we will meet or beat that price.
    • Service - Local service is imperative when you absolutely cannot be without your vehicle. Missouri IID services the device locally. Monthly service does not require the device be shipped back to the IID provider's headquarters. All service is performed locally with backup interlock units on hand in case of device malfunction.
  • Contact Missouri IID with your vehicle information available, including vehicle tag and VIN number.Schedule a date to have the ignition interlock device installed.We offer IID installation in the following cities: Jefferson City, O'Fallon, Columbia, Independence and Maryland Heights. Typical installations of the car breathalyzer take 1 and a half hours; however, more sophisticated vehicles could take double that time.

    Pennsylvania’s Ignition Interlock Laws

    Pennsylvania laws require that an ignition interlock device be installed in the vehicle(s) of DUI/DAI (Driving Under the Influence/Driving After Imbibing) offenders who have been convicted of a 2nd or subsequent offense, or of refusing to take an alcohol test. You also face other penalties. Unlike most states, Pennsylvania does not suspend your license automatically before a trial (administrative suspension); all consequences from a DUI/DAI are from the court.

    In addition, alcohol screening and rehabilitation may be required You may be eligible for an occupational limited license (OLL), which lets you drive a specific vehicle for work, medical treatment, or school. After your 1st DUI offense, you may be eligible for the OLL after serving 60 days of your suspension. If you have been suspended for 18 months with one prior offense, you may be eligible for an OLL after 12 months if you install an ignition interlock in your vehicle.

    Every situation and state is unique, please consult with your attorney or your state licensing authority to confirm your requirements and obligations.

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