Lowes Free Basic Install Dishwasher

Lowes Free Basic Install Dishwasher
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Dishwasher Free Installation Lowe's

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I've been waiting for this 'sale' / promo - it's in today's Lowe's ad so I thought I'd post it in case anyone else was waiting for it.
Ad reads:
Free basic dishwasher installation with purchase of any Bosch dishwasher and the purchase of Lowe's basic installation. Receive a check via mail in rebate equal to the cost of basic installation. Offer valid through 3/26/12 See store for details.
If I'm reading this right I pay for installation and then get the $$ back via a check rebate - score!
I 'strongly' dislike my dishwasher (it's original to the house so 11 years old in real time but 6 years old to me LOL) and we've been wanting to replace it. A manager at Lowe's mentioned this deal comes around occasionally so I've been watching for it. Awhile back there was a thread here on the Budget board about dishwashers and a large number of people mentioned how much they liked their Bosch dishwashers!
Hope this helps out someone else!

Does Lowes Offer Free Dishwasher Installation

3ds emulator download for windows. Current getting lowes installation server to install a dishwasher. /download-foxpro-26-for-android/. When they show up they say I need a new shutoff valve to complete the installation. Because my original can not connected to a 1/4' water line. Fine but they charge $ 75.00 for a $ 16.00 part which is 500% more at retail pricing. On top off $ 200.00 on installation fee to start.