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Played on a wooden board with wooden horses, jockeys and fences, Steeplechase has you trying to win a steeplechase event by outbluffing and outguessing your opponents. You race along the track to the finish line jumping hurdles on the way. Each round one player picks a disc with a movement number on it for all the players at the table. Each other player then gets to either play the disc he was.

  • You cannot move a marble past one of your own marbles, either forward or backward. Also, you must play if you can. If the only marble you have in play is at the entrance of your 'Castle' waiting to be moved in, you must play it, even if it means going around the board another time.
  • Wooden Maple Aggravation (Wahoo) Marble Game Board Set, Double-Sided from $ 84.50 Berlin Flyer Sport Kid's Express Wagon, Model F410 from $ 164.50 Amish-Made Cast-Steel. Board Games - Items tagged as 'Chase the rat'.
  • Marble Chase XL 4/6 double-sided (Tabletop) This is a double-sided board (4 player and 6 play sides) of the classic marble race game where you try to get your marbles to home before your opponents can (Large marble version).
  • To get the most fun out of your games, you need to understand the game rules. Don't let the other team change or even make up their own rules or instructions in their favor. If you have some board game instructions or rules that we don't have, feel free to send them to us. 10 Days in the USA Rules. 13 Dead End Drive Rules.


Rules For Marble Card Game

Marble Chase is a 20 minute game for 2 - 4 players. The object is to score colorpoints by shooting marbles onto the game board.


Each player takes 12 cubes in their color. Roll to determine who goes first. Thestarting player takes just 1 marble shot, instead of the normal 3, but they may start inany column with any marble.



Marble Board Game Rules

Begin your turn by rolling a D6 to determine the column from which to shoot yourmarbles this turn. (1 is black, the left-most column). You may start in a column otherthan the one rolled, but your shot(s) will incur a -1 penalty. If you start in the back row,you get a +1 bonus.
Shoot each of your 3 marbles once. If it does not fall into a slot but stays within the 6columns, redo the shot. If a marble goes outside the field of play, you may shoot it overagain (1x). Only 1 marble is allowed in a slot. You may hit a marble already on theboard; it is the final slot that counts.
At the end of your turn, score the shots in any order you choose, using penalties andbonuses. Mark yellow, red, blue and green by putting cubes in either the rectangularcolor reserve box, or on the 5, 10, 15 or 20 slots as appropriate. White points may bescored as any color. Black points are used to reduce an opponent’s total in any color,unless they already have 20 points in that color.
A Player must use the full number of points scored, or none at all. If you don’t haveenough cubes to mark your score, do not score that marble. This will happen often ifyou do not plan your shots! Do not score any shot that causes you to go above 20 pointsin a color.
The first player to score 20 points in all 4 colors is the winner. When playing a best of3 series, winning a game reduces you to 11 cubes for the rest of the match.In a 3-player game, the players who are trailing often team up and use their black pointsto slow down the leader. When 4 play, play teams, with each team scoring as oneplayer.
Have fun!