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Thanks to Cybermax, we have FAudio packages on the OBS for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04. The WineHQ wine-devel and wine-staging packages for those distros are built against them and will require them as a dependency.

10 May, 2021 - Updated to LSPDFR 0.4.9. We have updated LSPDFR to Version 0.4.9 (Build 7800), which introduces new features, changes and fixes: A new apartment has been added in Downtown Los Santos (4 Integrity Way - Apt. 35) Some miscellaneous improvements and enhancements have been made to spawning in apartments.

Beginning with Wine 5.0, the wine-stable packages will also require FAudio.
Note: FAudio for Ubuntu 19.10 and later, and Debian bullseye and later, are provided by those distros. If you are unable to install them from your distro repository, ask for help on your distro's forum.
Because FAudio is not part of the Wine Project, the FAudio packages are not distributed from the download server here, but can be obtained directly from the OBS.
Debian 10: .. Debian_10/
Mph Leis Release 04 Free DownloadUbuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19.x: .. ntu_18.04/
The quickest and easiest way to satisfy the new dependency is to download and install both the i386 and amd64 libfaudio0 packages before attempting to upgrade or install a WineHQ package. By installing the downloaded packages locally, you will not have to add the OBS repository. This only has to be done once.
For users who prefer to add the OBS repository, see the detailed instructions in a post below.

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