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Need for Speed Carbon. Summary: Players face the ultimate test of driving skill on treacherous canyon roads in the the next generation of adrenaline-filled street racing. Franchises: Need for.

At a Glance

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  • Variety of different cars to choose from
  • Engaging storyline
  • Mac-to-PC multiplayer support


  • No MacBook support
  • A few spotty reliability issues

Our Verdict

When Electronic Arts (EA) announced in mid-2007 plans to publish games for the Mac, it surprised many gamers by including one game series that hasn’t raised its head on the Mac before—the venerable Need for Speed series of street racing games. That was in stark contrast to the other titles making up EA’s revived Mac efforts—notably Madden NFL—which had been on the platform before in one form or another. So now that Need for Speed: Carbon is available on the Mac, how does it fare?

If you’ve played any of the recent Need for Speed games available for the PC or video game consoles, you’ll have a basic idea of what to expect. If not, here’s the executive summary: You’re a street racer who’s returned to the city after an extended absence, only to discover that the town is now controlled by several rival gangs who have taken over different neighborhoods. The only way you can achieve your former glory—and control of the city—is to race against them in a variety of events and win, avoiding cops, other drivers and all manners of objects like telephone poles and concrete barriers in the process.

Let me say at the outset that Need for Speed: Carbon isn’t particularly realistic. If you’re looking for an actual racing simulator, you’ll be better off with something like Colin McRae Rally from Feral Interactive. But if you’re looking for a cinematic game that will make you feel like you’re in a scene from The Fast and the Furious, Need for Speed: Carbon is really hard to top.

Events vary from canyon runs that will have you caroming down hairpin turns at top speed, threatening to go over the edge at every moment, to “drifting” (that is, sledding your car around tight curving courses, spinning the wheels and fishtailing as much as possible for points). And of course, there’s straight-up slaloms through busy city streets with a pack of opponents on your tail (or in front of you, depending on how good you are).

Each race you win will earn prestige, not only for you but for your little racing club and its control of territory. Wins also net you cash, which you can turn over into seemingly endless varieties of car customization or new vehicles that you’ll be able to unlock as your influence and your list of winning races increases. You’ll be able to race everything from front wheel drive subcompacts to roaring ’60s era muscle cars by the time you’re done, with a few supercar exotics thrown in for good measure.

As you impress the locals, you’ll build your own racing gang or team; each additional character actually races along side you and can help you out in a pinch. They each have different specialties: Blockers will keep a particularly pesky opponent from another team at bay, while scouters will go ahead of you and look for shortcuts. Drafters will get in front of you and let you ride in their slipstream, which lets you reduce your throttle and accelerate like a slingshot at key times when it really matters. Sound cues are used to good effect; you hear teammates over the radio barking out information and providing situation reports as you make your way around the circuit.

Production quality in most aspects of the game are very good. Actors—real life-actors overlaid with some CGI effects—are decent for the most part, although a bit melodramatic and silly at times, and the music is the run-of-the-mill urban beat/hip-hop stuff you’d expect out of a street racing game (or a kid with a Honda and 3,000-watt stereo).

Control of the game with a keyboard is actually pretty good, although I favored a game controller, similar to how I’d play this game on a console. If you’re not a console gamer, you might not really care about having a game controller, but, being familiar with this game series and this general genre on the consoles, a controller made the difference for me.

As another game that’s been brought to the Mac by TransGaming’s Cider translation-layer technology, Need for Speed: Carbon runs only on Intel-based Macs, and will only work right on Macs that have discrete graphics chips. (That means that MacBooks and Mac minis are left off the list of supported devices, unfortunately).

The game ran fantastically on my 2.33GHz MacBook Pro, but it wasn’t without problems—a few times, the game quit on me. There’s been no patch and EA is, unfortunately, something of a black hole for tech support. If you can’t find a canned answer on the company’s support Web site, don’t plan on getting substantive advice from its support team. EA and TransGaming obviously need to work out a few issues going forward—telling users to manually hack a config file with a text editor and change an arcane value from 1 to 0 to fix a problem with native screen resolution isn’t a very user-friendly solution, especially for a game.

Need for Speed: Carbon’s actual events will get repetitious after a while, even though they take place in different areas—much of the scenery begins to blend in together after a while. There are boss battles to break up the action, too—special events that make you use all of your skills in one single race against the leader of a rival club.

That’s not to say that Need for Speed: Carbon is just a flat series of street races. There’s a storyline, too, that will take you from event to event. And there’s a cast of characters who you’ll get to know over a series of races—bad guys, good guys, the whole nine yards. It makes for an entertaining mix that will keep you occupied.

Need for Speed: Carbon supports multiplayer action against other PC users, though you’ll need to set up an account on EA’s servers to do so. That’s a big plus; there’s no artificial division between Mac and PC users. (I’m glad to see this ironed out, because it hasn’t gone that smoothly for EA’s Mac release of Command & Conquer 3, which required a patch to enable Mac to PC play.) Racing online also enables you to post your scores on leaderboards maintained on EA’s Web site.

Although Need for Speed: Carbon is essentially the same version as the PC game “wrapped” in technology to make it work on the Mac, there is one element missing that you will find in the PC version: Online cars and mods that some gamers may have created and used with the Windows game can’t be imported to the Mac.

Need for Speed: Carbon has been rated E10+ by the ESRB, meaning it’s safe for kids 10 and older. There’s no naughty parts or bad language, just some mean behavior that might not set a good example for the impressionable elementary school set.

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The bottom line

Need for Speed: Carbon is a welcome new addition to the Mac fold, and one of EA’s most playable and fun titles of its new crop of Mac games.

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Review NFS Carbon:

  • Canyons contain dangerous roads through mountain passes featured in Need for Speed: Carbon. Canyon courses appear in a number of variations for Canyon Duel, Drift and Sprint events. However, unlike the Canyon Drift and Canyon Duel events, players can not drive off any route edges in a Canyon Sprint event. The East Canyon is found along the eastern districts of Palmont City including Downtown.
  • Although Need for Speed: Carbon is essentially the same version as the PC game “wrapped” in technology to make it work on the Mac, there is one element missing that you will find in the PC.
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Carbon is not a direct sequel to Need For Speed Most Wanted as some say, but rather its a completely new spin-off series developed by Electronic Arts. Need For Speed Carbon free download is one of the few games that is released for almost all platforms. Set in a fictprotonal city known as Coast City, Carbon is with a significantly different plot and storyline as compared to other Need For Speed games. For the first time ever in NFS video games trilogy, Need For Speed Carbon free download features completely insane AI teammates, that are far better at racing. However, in some aspects the gameplay of Carbon is similar to Underground 2 and Most Wanted. Rather than racing alone, players will now run a crew of rivals and outstanding racers and even players can hire specific street racers and add them to the crew.

You can also have a look at other similar Racing Games Here. Players must choose a difficulty class, which can not be changed throughout the game. The cars are classified into three different classes known as Exotics, Muscles and Tuners. Earning money should be one of the primary objectives in Need For Speed Carbon free download, as players will have to expand their crew and purchase better cars. While racing, players must be careful of the police and should escape the police as immediately as possible. Cars can be customized and tuned for better performance in the garage in Need For Speed Carbon free download. Conclusively in a nutshell, Carbon is indeed an inspiring racing video game.

Need For Speed Carbon Free Download Features:

  • Stunning Cars
  • Three Different Classes Of Cars
  • And Much More You Can Discover

Nfs Carbon Dmg Download

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10
2 :: Processor: Intel Pentium 4/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 512 MB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 9.0c
5 :: Graphics:: Intel / AMD Graphics
6 :: Space Storage:: 5 GB space

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NFS Carbon Game Overview

Need for Speed: Carbon is another part of one of the most famous agility races. This product in many respects resembles its predecessors. References to Need for Speed: Most Wanted are visible primarily due to the active participation of law enforcement officers, which should be avoided at all costs. In turn, two games from the Need for Speed: Underground series has extensive tuning options for individual machines.

Need for Speed: Carbon, of course, also has to offer a lot of completely new elements, such as running canyons, or the opportunity to lead your own team. The game was created for all significant hardware platforms. The key point of the program is of course the extended career mode. Interestingly, we play the same character that we start controlled in the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The main character returns to his hometown of Palmont. After reaching the destination, it turns out that the full control over the organization of illegal street racing took over enemy gangs. Of course, the player’s task will be to win the competition and at the same time bounce back to the next sectors of the city. Similar to Need for Speed: Wanted, progress is illustrated by cut-scenes with real actors.

The area prepared by the producers is even larger than before. The player can of course move freely around the city. Taking control of a given sector is most often only possible if you defeat an enemy team. To do this, the player must create and then lead his own team. The crew can consist of both drivers and engineers or mechanics. The people employed by the player have specific skills.

Most actions are already used during the actual race. For example, a player can ask teammates to block a selected opponent. Defeating all enemies occupying a given sector of the city unlocks the opportunity to enter the main race in which one of the leading competitors appears. These races are played in canyons. The competition itself was organized in a rather unusual way. The first race requires you to follow your opponent’s car. Points are accumulated depending on the distance between the two cars.

The second race, in turn, assumes the need to maintain a solid lead over the rival. He will try to collect the points allocated at the start. The authors of this game have prepared about 60 different vehicles. The machines are divided into three different classes – exotic, muscle, and tuner. The differences between the individual classes are quite significant. For example, muscle cars should take part in races organized on straight sections of the road. In turn, tuner class cars can be useful on winding and very demanding routes.

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The player can, of course, subject vehicles previously purchased to additional modifications (visual and mechanical). Noteworthy is the Autosculpt module prepared by manufacturers, thanks to which you can personally model some elements of the vehicle body. NFS: Carbon offers a very wide range of racing types, including drifting, which was missing in Most Wanted.

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