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Having a Roku device means you have access to a TON of free TV. In fact, if you want your TV bill to be literally $0.00, you can learn how here. The Roku Channel has free movies and free TV available for your free streaming pleasure. This mobile app is filled with free, live, premium and Roku Original content making it the go-to movie app. The Roku Channel has free movies and free TV available for your free streaming pleasure. This mobile app is filled with free, live, premium and Roku Original content making it the go-to movie app.

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When it comes to easy and simple streaming devices with amazing features, Roku is the first option that comes to our mind. Even the remote control associated with it is so simple. This device provides you access to over 4,000 channels which are paid and free also. Roku channels are added externally also. And these channels come up with their own Roku secret codes.

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  2. From what I understand, everyone who is looking to jailbreak roku, is actually trying to stream movies & TV shows on Roku for free. Getting KODI on Roku is the simplest way of doing this. Roku is one of the best streaming stick available for Smart TVs as of now. Also, Roku already offers many free channels to stream movies & TV shows from.

These Roku private channel codes are in huge demand as these channels can be used for unlimited streaming activities. The feature of the Roku search makes it quite easier to explore the content. Just like other devices Roku is also Plug and play device which requires just a wifi connection. Today we have come up with Roku private channels and their private codes. Similar to Jailbroken Firestick, Roku private channels are those channels which you cannot find on the Roku channel store.


The main reason behind these channels not available on official channel store are:

  1. Channels are in Beta Version
  2. Un-Official third party channel.
  3. Channel Contains Adult content.

So, In case you are unable to find such channels on the official Roku channel store, you can install them using secret codes. We have prepared a detailed list of Roku secret codes with their channels names. Let’s have a deep dive into the article.


  • 2 Full List Of Roku Secret Codes With Their Channels

How Can I Set up Roku Device For Streaming?

If you are using this device for the first time then you will require an Internet connection to work. And the internet connection needs to be wireless.

  1. Visit Roku and enter the required credentials. You are required to make an account on Roku or Sign-In if you have an account previously.
  2. Roku comes up with preinstalled famous applications such as Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  3. You can add more channels from Roku official Channel store.

And some channels as discussed above can be installed using special Roku private channel codes.

For all Kodi Users We have an important announcement for you. Your current IP address is You can be easily tracked By your ISP and hackers. You require a good VPN that prevents you from being monitored. This will also help you in maintaining privacy.

Full List Of Roku Secret Codes With Their Channels


So here is a long list of Roku private channel codes that you have been looking for. You can add these channels and enjoy the streaming beyond the limits.

1. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the best application for Roku. If you like watching old movies, cartoons, and Tv shows then this channel is surely for you. It will surely bring back your old and vintage times.

Code: NMJS5

2. Unofficial Twitch

Unofficial Twitch gained popularity in recent weeks it can be streamed via any streaming device. This app can be used to stream every single content using your Roku device.

Code: TwitchTV

3. Nowhere TV

When it comes to private channels then this application must be your first choice. It comes up with a lot of streams such as BBC, Hubblecast HD, c-SPAN, Al Jazeera, TED Talks, Adult Swim Shows, and many more.

Code: H9DWC

4. Wilderness Channel

Well if you are an animal-loving person then you can really choose this channel. This channel gives you the best content of survival training, hunting, nature, fishing, and many more. If you don’t have discovery and national geographic then this channel is the best option for you.

Code: fl821095

5. Amateurlogic

Amateurlogic is the best channel for you if you like Do It Yourself channels. This channel centers around photography, radio, Raspberry pi, and many other electronic DIY projects.

Roku Free Private Channels List

Code: Alogic

Now here is a table that will tell you the Roku secret codes to a huge collection of channels. We hope it won’t disappoint you.

ChannelSecret Code
911 Dispatcher Drama911
247 Retro Internet Television 247retro
5000 Dice Game5000
100.3 The Sound LA THESOUNDLA
1080p Showcase 1080p
1st Baptist Church Trussville firstbaptistchurch
2048 TV Puzzle Game 2048TV Media Player 256bz
2M Maroc 2MMaroc
30a TV 30aTV
30aTV 30A
3Angels Littlelightstudios LittleLightStudios
5ik.TV 5ikTV
7 Stations Streaming Radio RD7UQE
A Very Roku Halloween halloween
AB Demo Chanel AB
ABA Indian Streams.TV ABA
ABC Australia ABCAU
Acacia Fitness & Yoga Channel AcaciaTV
ACC Digital Network ACCDigitalNetwork
Accent Radio Network ARN
AccuRadio AccuRadio
ACE Broadcasting ACEBroadcasting
Ace TV AceTV
Ace Wrestling Network AceProWrestling
Acorn TV AcornTV
Adam Curry’s Big App Show bigappshow
Adeys TV AdeysTV
Ad-Free Crime and Punishment AdFreeCrime
Ad-Free Timeless Television AdFreeTimeless
Adult Channels Top 3 Best Roku Adult Channels
AdultEmpire Unlimited Add Adult Roku Channels
AdultEmpire BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! AE Unlimited
Adventure Awaits Adventure
AfroMovies TV AfroMoviesTV
After Dark Flix (Adult Channel) Watch Now
Ageless Knowledge TV On Demand AK
Ahhveo Ahhveo
Ahl-EBait TV Network Ahlebait
Ahlul Bayt TV abtv1
Air Mozilla AirMozilla
AirCastLive AirCastLive
Aj Jordan The Crescendo MRPRC
Al Fady TV AlFady
Al Horreya TV alhorreya
Al Jazeera English Watch Now
Al Mouridiyyah Television Almouridiyyah
albernameg albernameg
ALE ALE Alejandratv
alfady Tv Channel GTAVZ
Aliens and UFOs Channel AliensandUFOs
Aliento Vision aliento Alixatv
Alkalema TV AlkalemaTV
All 4 All4
All Fitness TV AllFitness

How to Add Personal Channels On Roku To Stream Online?

As of now, we have discussed a long list of channels with Roku secret codes. You also need to know how to add these channels to your Roku device. Here are the detailed steps that would guide you further:-

  1. Go to Roku’s official web site. Create a new account or sign-in to your present Roku account.
  2. As soon as signed in, you will note numerous choices. Choose “Add Channel” underneath the Handle account.
  3. The following web page will pop-up, prompting you so as to add the code for the channel you want to add.
  4. Enter the Code and click on Add channel
  5. Click on OK and proceed.
  6. You’ll get an affirmation web page, choose “Sure, Add Channel” to permit your motion.
  7. After you add the channel, It takes near about 24 hours for a new channel to point out in your Roku device.

And you are good to enjoy streaming.


Roku Channel Install Fail

So YES! We hope that we have addressed all the issues and methods that you face while adding new channels to your Roku device. This guide will completely help you in adding channels to your device. The Roku secret codes provided in the article are totally genuine. If you are looking for a particular code and unable to get it then you contact us in the comments section. We will surely provide you there.