Senior Citizens And Smoke Alarms Free Installation

The Community Risk Reduction-Public Education Unit provides free installation of a smoke alarm for senior citizens over 60 years old or disabled citizens of any age who own their own home. We will provide a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 complimentary smoke alarms per household. If you do not have a working smoke alarm, or you have a smoke.

(CBS) — Eight children died on Sunday after a fire destroyed an apartment without smoke detectors in Little Village.

Here are some ways you can arrange to get a free smoke detector, which range in price from about $10 to $60, depending on features.

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1. The City of Chicago can arrange for a free smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector for homeowners who are 65 and older. The fire department will deliver and install them. For more information, call 312 747 6691. All apartment owners should contact their landlord, who is required by law to provide smoke detectors in dwellings. CFD routinely canvasses neighborhoods, handing out free detectors–as the did Monday in Little Village.

Fire Companies passing out Smoke Detectors with Fire Safety Literature on the block were the fire fatalities occurred Sunday morning. PLEASE check your Smoke and CO Detectors to make sure they are working. 4-1-8

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2. The Illinois Fire Safety Alliance has a program to distribute 10-year, sealed battery fire alarms to fire departments in Illinois. The program provides 24 fire alarms per fire department request. Once those alarms are installed, a department can request more. Check with your local fire department to see if they participate.

3. The Red Cross installs a limited number of free smoke alarms for those who demonstrate financial need. Those requesting an alarm can fill out a form.


Senior Citizens And Smoke Alarms Free Installation Code

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Free Smoke Alarms For Seniors

4. According to the Chicago Hearing Society, the City of Chicago provides accessible smoke detectors for people who are deaf or hearing impaired.