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Viavoice Para Windows 10

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Ibm Viavoice For Windows 10

May 14, 2007

Viavoice Windows 10

The following blog entries summarize my problem. I can use any and all help. Thanks.
I have used IBM VV 9 for several years on my Winbook laptop, under MS XP. Although the laptop has internal speakers, I used an external microphone that I jacked into the MIC location on my laptop. VV9 worked fine with this setup. I decided to install an Iogear USB speakerphone on the laptop. In testing the operability of the speakerphone, everything checked out OK; i.e., windows says the device is working properly and it passes the speech recognition test and playback tests in the control panel. When I launch VV 9, I get an error message that states, 'a problem occurred while trying to use your audio mixer for recording' try restarting your system. Needless to say, the system restart does not fix the problem. Does anyone have a suggestion to overcome the problem? Bob M.
Did you re-set your audio settings after you put in the USB speakerphone? ViaVoice is not recognising your audio input system.
Check your Windows audio settings, and make sure that the new USB speakerphone is shown as the default sound recording device, and that you have checked the box at the bottom of the screen 'use only default devices'.
Try restarting ViaVoice and set the Audio Settings.
Hi , thanks for the
Submitted by BOBMAINE on Sat, 05/12/2007 - 13:15.
Hi , thanks for the feedback on my problem. I went through your steps and it did not resolve the problem. All my settings were as you suggested except for marking the Use as Default, which I clicked. Let me tell you a little more about my setup. My son was working in Germany and someone told me to use Skype for VOIP phone conversations. I installed Skype on my laptop and tested it out with a neighbor before trying to debug between here (Maine) and Germany. Skype worked fine on my laptop. However, my son ran Windows 98 and Skype didn't work on his desktop PC. So, I installed Yahoo's webcam software, using a Logitech webcam and this worked fine for video communications on my laptop and his dektop. His VOIP phone service cut out too much so we used the regular phone along with the Yahoo webcam service and this worked well. Now, back to my setup. Here is a summary of my results.
Sound Hardware Test Wizard indicates 'you have successfully completed the Sound hardware Test Wizard. Your sound hardware is working properly.'
The settings below are set as:
Voice Playback - USB Audio Device
Voice Recording - USB Audio Device
Midi Music Playback - Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth (default device)
I called my laptop tech support and asked them how to deactivate the internal speakers on my laptop and they told me to remove the C-MEDIA AC-97 SPEAKER DRIVER, which I did. The USB peakerphone works fine for all other sound activity.
The hardware and software I currently have installed is:
Audio Codecs Sound, vid
Legacy Audio Drvivers Sound, vid
Media Control Devices Sound, vid
Legacy Video Capture Devices Sound, vid
Video Codecs Sound, vid
Logitech Mic (communicate STX ) Sound, vid
USB Audio Device Sound, vid
Maybe you can spot something in all of this information but my guess is there is some conflict between one of the sound components above with the USB speakerphone that is causing the 'problem while using the audio mixer while recording' message.
Your setup appears to be correct.
Did Iogear USB speakerphone come with an installation disc? Possibly this software is causing the conflict.
I have skype and logitech webcam. These have not caused me any problems, except for the chat messages from callers in China and Bangladesh that annoyingly keep coming up to try and sell something Smiling
Hi , the IOGear USB speakerphone is a pure plug-and-play device and has no associated installation software. I tried disabling the Logitech webcam driver setting, thinking that it might be in conflict with the IOGear unit. I rebooted the laptop and I still got the 'mixer problem message'. Thanks for all your help. Bob
Logitech Mic (communicate STX ) Sound, vid : Could this be causing a conflict? Did you check the properties of each of the audio software settings in Device Manager?
Hi , Yes, I checked the STX entry as well as all the others in the list I sent to you. The error message I get when I launch VV is coming from ViaVoice, as follows:
ViaVoice has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please tell Microsoft about this problem.
Error signature
AppName: smart.exe
AppVersion. ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 008a0191
Reporting details
This error report includes information regarding the condition of ViaVoice when the problem occurred: the operating system version and computer harddware in use; your Digital Product ID, which could be used to identify your licence; and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer. There is a detailed error log that I have captured and looked at but not seen anything that looks like it is contributing to the message. I'm tempted to buy a discounted VV Ver 10 system for about $30 to start anew but the only thing holding me back is what happens if I install VV 10 and I get the same message. Any thoughts or suggestions. Bob M.