Virgin Media Charged For Free Installation

Free installation offer: Free installation includes standard and Quickstart installation worth up to £35. This offer is available for online purchases that include cable broadband services (i.e. Broadband without a phone line, broadband with a phone line or TV, or all three services) on a 12 month contract.

Find out about charges that you may incur as a Virgin Media customer outside of the standard subscription to your package/services.

Below is an explanation of the different charges you may incur and our latest charges are shown in the table at the bottom.

Service Activation

When we activate your services for the first time or when you ask to make changes to your services, for example by adding a TV package to your Broadband service, you will normally be required to pay an activation fee.

Equipment Activation


When we provide you with equipment that enables receipt of your service (e.g. a set top box, broadband hub or booster), either for a new service or as a replacement for an existing service, you will normally be required to pay an activation fee.

Installing Our Equipment – Quickstart (self-installation) and Technician Installation

Virgin media charge for free installation

We have a self-installation option called Quickstart. This is usually available where the home has recently had an active Virgin Media fibre broadband service and is available on most, but not all, Virgin Media packages.

We do not charge a fee for Quickstart installation and where you require our equipment to connect to our services you can choose how these will be sent to you. If you choose the convenience of the Click and Collect service from your nearest CollectPlus store, we do not charge a delivery fee. If you choose to have the equipment delivered to your home, or an alternative address, we will normally charge a home delivery fee.

If Quickstart is not available, we will provide a technician to carry out the installation, and there will be no charge for this. Sims 4 for android free download apk.

If QuickStart is available to you but you decide that you would prefer a technician to install our equipment, you will normally need to pay a technician installation fee. Someone over the age of 18 will need to be present at a time that we will agree with you in advance.

Transferring Service To A New Address

If you move home to another address we cannot guarantee to be able to provide you with our services at your new address.

If we are able to provide the services to your new address, you will normally have to pay a service transfer fee. The charge is to cover the costs incurred by us when arranging the transfer and set up of your services at your new address.

Paper Bills

Most of our customers receive their bills via E-billing. If you choose to receive a paper version of your bill, you will normally be charged a paper bill fee. To be able to receive an E-bill, you need to provide us with a valid e-mail address.

If you require an alternative format bill, such as braille or audio, you will not be charged.

Payment Handling

Unless you pay by Direct Debit you may be charged a payment handling fee. Payment can also be made by cash, cheque, credit and debit card, but may be subject to this fee.

Late Payment

If your payments are not received by Virgin Media by the due date shown on your bill, you will normally be charged a late payment fee. This charge is to cover the costs incurred by us in chasing and collecting late payments and providing services during this time.

Failed Payment

If any cheque or direct debit is cancelled or not cleared by your bank or building society you may face a failed payment fee. This fee is to cover the cost to us levied by your bank or building society.

Technician Appointments

If maintenance or the correction of a fault requires a technician visit to your address, and is the result of the intended treatment and use of our equipment, there will be no charge for this visit. Someone over the age of 18 must be present at the time of the visit that we have agreed with you in advance.

If the need for a technician visit is the result of one or more of the following you will normally be charged a fee for the technician visit and may be responsible for other associated costs:

- A request by you to change the home set up of your services (for example if you would like your equipment moved to a different location)

- Misuse, neglect of, accidental or wilful damage to our equipment;

- Failure to follow responsible instructions regarding our equipment;

- Tampering or disassembling the equipment without our consent or instruction; or

- Fault in, or any other problem (including set up and specification) associated with, your equipment or any system that is not provided by us as part of our services.

Equipment includes, amongst other things, any cable modem, set top box, cables and ducts.

Missed Appointments

If you miss or prevent installation or maintenance from being carried out at a time we have agreed - with you in advance, or if you fail to tell us that an appointment is no longer required by 12pm on the day before the appointment, you may be charged a missed appointment fee. From March 2019 you will be required to tell us at least 24 hours before the appointment or you may be charged.

Early Disconnection

As part of a fixed term contract with us, you agree that you’ll continue with your chosen services at your current address for a minimum period. If you decide to end part or all of your services during a minimum period, then you will normally be charged an early disconnection fee instead of the remaining payments for the minimum period of your services.

How Much Is Virgin Media Installation

Further information about early disconnection fees can be found here.

Non Returned Equipment

If we or you end your services, you may be required to return any equipment in a reasonable condition. In special circumstances we may provide a service to collect it. If you fail to return or make available the equipment for collection, you will normally be charged for the replacement cost and reasonable recovery costs for that equipment. If you do return the equipment to us within 80 days of your services being ended, you will be refunded via a bill credit on your next available bill. If this means your account is left in credit we will send you a cheque for the amount you are owed, which you need to put into your bank or building society within 6 months.

If we have supplied you with any equipment which is not required to be returned, we'd encourage you to dispose of it responsibly if you're no longer using it. You can find more information on how to do this here.

Home Phone Call Costs

Information about call costs can be found here.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Virgin Media

Below you can see the latest charges that you may incur:

Virgin Media Charged For Free Installation Time

Charge Type

Charge (inclusive of VAT where applicable)


£25 per activation

From 1st July 2019 this will increase to £35

Equipment Activation

Up to £99.95 per item of equipment

Home Delivery

£5 charge per delivery

Technician Installation

£30 per installation

Service Transfer

£20 per transfer

Paper Bill

£1.75 per month

Payment Handling

£0 for customers who have entered contracts since 15-Jul-17

£0.45 per month for customers who entered contracts between 06-Apr-13 and 14-Jul-17

£5.00 per month for other customers

Late Payment

£7.50 for each bill payment overdue

Failed Payment

Charges vary dependant on your bank or building society

Technician Appointments (where chargeable)

£99 charge per appointment plus other associated costs on a case by case basis (see above for when these costs may be applicable)

Missed Appointments

From 1st Mar 2019 £10 charge per appointment

Non Returned Equipment

V6: up to £100 per unit

Hub 3: up to £50 per unit

Hub 4: up to £75 per unit

BB Back-up Unit: up to £50 per unit

Wired Booster: up to £50 per unit

WiFi Booster: up to £50 per unit

Intelligent WiFi Pod: up to £50 per unit

VTV360: Up to £100 per unit