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Most security system manufacturers rely on in-house help to sell and install security systems but the advent of smart home tech has seen an increase in the number of do-it-yourself installations. This package features a great touchscreen system to keep you and your family safe. Call now you can get your very own high-quality ADT monitored home security system including 3 door/window wireless sensors, Keyfob, and Motion Detector only for an installation charge of $99 (upfront cost) and purchase of alarm monitoring services.

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Home security installation is pretty straightforward, but you still have a number of options when you’re deciding how to install your system.

You can do it on your own with security kits, or you can get a security professional to do it. We talk about deciding which route you want to go, professional or DIY, here if you need a refresher.

But whether you hire someone to install your system, or you do it yourself, there are a few things you want to consider.

1.Go Wired or Wireless

There are many types of home security system, but a basic decision you make early on is if you want a wired or wireless system.

Wireless systems are quite popular now, and they are pretty easy to install. So a popular option for DIYers. You might feel comfortable with installing your own wireless system and then hiring a monitoring company to help monitor your security and watch over the system.

You may also go the wired system route. They are a little more complicated and harder to DIY.

2.Process of Installing Wired or Wireless

Wired systems require more drilling, hiding wires, and fixing holes as you go. Holes will often need to be added if your home isn’t already set up for a wired home security system. This drilling all goes towards the control panel, wires, cameras, etc. How many holes and their location all depends on the layout of the house and the type of security kit you opt for.

Once all is said and done, the holes won’t really be noticeable as long as it is done correctly, but it may require some work to patch up when you leave your home. If you’re DIYing a wired system, be sure to plan your system thoroughly before hand.

If you’re worried about ruining dry wall, springing a leak, or other problems, simply have a professional install the security system for you or speak with a home security professional. They may help you plan your devices and the required holes. They have a trained eye that can help you set up efficiently without compromising the aesthetic of your home.

Wireless is more straightforward, but may require more troubleshooting and training to make sure your wireless network is secure.

3.How is Home Value Affected?

You’ll want to consider how your home security system affects your home value.

Even if you end up taking your wired security system with you, most potential buyers won’t be deterred by the holes. They may even appreciate that the hard work is already done for their wired system.

You may even end up leaving the security system and moving your monitoring company instead. Many buyers like that a home security system is already in place, whether it is wired or not. So whether you have pre-drilled holes or a home security system in place, it seems likely that it will add value to your property.

If you don’t want to deal with patching up holes or moving wires, simply opt for a wireless security system.

If your buyer doesn’t like the system or the holes, removal isn’t too hard. Security is the most important thing. A little work with removal or patching doesn’t take away from the security you get with your system.


4.How Much Creative Control Do You Want?

Wireless security systems allow more creative control when it comes to location and types of equipment. When you don’t have to worry about running wires to central locations or hiding them, placement is pretty easy.

Wired systems have fewer options all-in-all when it comes to creativity and layout. This would be a good thing to discuss with a home security professional so you can get the most out of whichever system you install.

Your home security professional knows the equipment and how to make the most of a home space. They can help you install your equipment efficiently for your space.

5.Do You Want A Monitoring Service?

Monitoring services are almost always recommended.

If you’re away, unable to wake-up, unable to answer your phone, you will want security to contact the authorities for you.

You may DIY your own security system then find a monitoring company that can manage your security system. This may require a technician to come to your home or they may be able to connect remotely.

Professional security companies often have their own monitoring service that comes with the package. When you are selecting your professionals or your monitoring service, you want to understand exactly what they are monitoring.

We recommend 24/7 monitoring for break-ins, fire, and carbon monoxide–monitoring for the basic home dangers. Further alerts and monitoring on things like water pipes are excellent and provide that much more security.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to your home specifics and your potential security system. You aren’t alone. Home Professionals can connect you to the best home security professionals in your area. Get your questions answered with the help form below.

Home security is a major concern in the U.S. According to a study, around 2.5 million burglaries are reported every year in different parts of the country.

That’s almost 5 burglaries every minute! You or one of your family members can monitor different areas of your property when at home, but what happens when no one is home?
A home security system allows you to keep an eye on your house from any part of the world. Most burglars look for an easy target, a property with no or minimum security. Installing a home security system is one of the most effective ways to deter burglars and intruders.

Modern security systems do more than just protecting homes. An advanced security system may include protection sensors designed to alert owners to safety risks such as carbon monoxide leaks or fire breakouts.

There are two ways to install a home security system – you can either take the DIY route or hire a home security system installer near you in Sonoma County.
We advise against DIY security system installation. Some jobs are best left to the experts. Installing a security system is one of them.

How your home security system is installed has a major impact on its performance. One of the biggest perks of professional installation is greater assurance that your home security system will be installed correctly. Home security system installation companies employ knowledgeable experts who know everything there is to know about security systems. They use time-tested techniques to ensure flawless execution.

Hiring a professional can save you both time and money. The professional will take various steps and precautions to steer clear of installation errors, ensuring that you have fewer problems in the future, and sensors are placed for maximum efficiency. Many homeowner insurance companies now require professionally installed systems.

If you still think proper installation is no big deal, let us tell you that an improperly installed system is easier to bypass. If an outsider does bypass and gets inside your security system, they will be able to control it, which can be a recipe for disaster. Plus, installing the security system yourself can void the warranty.

Free Home Security Installation

Many installation companies offer 24/7 monitoring and support services. If a burglar breaks into your home, your installation company will alert emergency services immediately. Timely assistance can help prevent crimes. Cellular communication systems can be controlled via an App for remote use and real-time monitoring.

Home Security Installations

If you choose a professional for installation, maintenance will be handled by the expert. Once the installation is complete, your technician will give you a full rundown of everything your security system can do. They will educate you on features and how to get the most out of them.

Home Security Systems Install Yourself

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